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link.jpgHero of Time1757 viewsI posted this one too last time, but I erased the Triforce on this one. Yeah, I know I'm a bit messy with pencil, but oh well.

I really need to start drawing again, and get some new stuff up here.
24 commentsGanondorf
LinkReefuturesmall_001.pngLink Plans The Future1689 views1. I suggest you stop typing if your going to type some stupid ZeldaxLink shit.
2. Call Reeses Zelda or me or say you wish you were in her place and I'll fucking scream.
17 commentsMariaGemini
Group_Picture.pngLink, Midna, Zelda, and Ilia1626 views Just a picture of what I think would happen to Link when he transforms from a wolf into a human, and something goes wrong....So um..Yeah enjoy! P.S. I drew Midna in my hair style for her, and I tried to make them look chibi-ish.
The Watermark reads:
Link, Midna, Ilia, & Zelda (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Kado_and_Harinco_girl_by_dan_heron.jpgKado and Harinco Girl1619 viewsYou remember Kado, right? Aka Dark Link. And that girl is a Harinco like Hikagi, but she's from the clan Cannis. She's unnamed right now, I'll think of a name for her later28 commentsdan heron
Explorar0001.jpgNew designs1611 viewsOk, this is a bunch of new sketches for my old characters. Here they are older, a lot older. Around 16-17?
They are Ari, Hikagi, Carid and Luz and a bunch of simbols for their races.
What do you think so far?
9 commentsdan heron
Vestido.jpgDress1610 viewsThis is an outfit I designed for the Descendants of the Wise Men (the maidens Link has to rescue in "a link to the past"). I like to think that when the girls were taken to the castle they got a certain outfit, more like an uniform.... in a pic I'm working on they all wear this same dress but in different colours, just like in the game! 15 commentsMagalink
pelea copy.jpg
pelea copy.jpgHunting peahats1583 viewsThis was one of the prizes I gave in DeviantArt for a contest I'm having there. The person wanted me to draw Link fighting peahats in Hyrule's field so I did that. However, the peahats of OoT are kinda lame so I used the WW design for the big one 24 commentsdan heron
tunica roja.jpg
tunica roja.jpgRed Tunic1575 viewsOh my God!! I can't believe I forgot to post this OLD pic when I first joined the site... I would understand if you don't like it as much as the others, 'cause it's really old!24 commentsMagalink
_Zelda_Collection.jpgZelda Collection1553 viewsThis is the first of two pictures Ive drawn for a contest.
I always wanted to draw Anju and Kafei and I like it how they came out. So, how often do you see what games ;)
8 commentsRooro
16 sept copy.jpg
16 sept copy.jpg16 de Septiembre!1533 viewsXD September 16 is Mexico's Independence Day, I still can't understand why people in other countries make such big deal of May 5 (I can't understand how they can put that day above sept 16). But this day, we celebrate day and night, all around the country, and what you see Dizi, Aliku and Link wearing is pretty much of what you see during those parties XD
I don't know why people think we dress like mariachis or cowboys or that we live in desert or stuff like that, it's just silly XD Myself, I have never got anywhere near to a mariachi, they piss me off, I have never seen a cowboy, or a desert for that matterXD

Our Smexy Dizi, donning a Tricolor top and a matraca (her hair down because she looks smexier). Aliku (yes, she can change the color of her skin), is wearing a Naco's shirt X3 And Link wearing an old soccer shirt, Mexico's, of course X3 on the front the face of the Sun calendar. And in the bg, the eagle devouring the snake, our coat of arms
I hope you like it because I put a lot of heart on it
26 commentsdan heron
LinkReecom3.pngLink and Reeses comic 31529 views|: -awaits really idiotic comments.-12 commentsMariaGemini
citb copy.jpg
citb copy.jpg4 Character in the Back1495 viewsWell, here's your character CitB ^^
I hope you like it. Though, I forgot her name ^^;;;;
20 commentsdan heron
phikari copy.jpg
phikari copy.jpgShe's ok1470 viewsThis pic is a gift for my friend Pata Hikari from ffnet. This is a scene from one of the final chapters.
The Gerudo is Kasuto and the one in the Sheika outfit is Zelda, no Sheik (although, she can change from Zelda to Sheik with a simple spell that really turns her into a Sheika boy, both physical and mentally). Kasuto kicked the badguy's butt and litherally sent him into oblivion but due to the extrem effort she put to use her magic she fainted.

She's ok, just very tired so Zelda takes her to the castle to take care of her X3
18 commentsdan heron
thispicomfg.jpglink got teh sh171460 viewsi dunno y i drew it on looseleaf o_o21 commentsbathroomhacker
Zeldasheikps.jpgZelda/Sheik Transformation1393 viewsI finally finished it. Bout time! Enjoy my best pic to date. It took me forever! Zelda transforming into Sheik. 25 commentsHeroftime
Prt4_LA1.pngZBC-Part 4-Link's Awakening1381 viewsBosses for the Link's Awakening game.
ALL designs and art here is Maria McGuigan 2004.
Bosses for the Link's Awakening game are Nintendo.


HA! I figured out how to upload all of them at once without uploading them indiviually! [I can't spell that word! HOORAY!]
I finally found Minish Cap boss information. Thus..they have been added to the ZBC count.
-boogie- It only took me a few months to do!
9 commentsMariaGemini
Prt3_ALttP1.pngZBC-Part 3-A Link to the Past1334 viewsBosses for the A Link to the Past game.
ALL designs and art here is Maria McGuigan 2004.
Bosses for the A Link to the Past game are Nintendo.


HA! I figured out how to upload all of them at once without uploading them indiviually! [I can't spell that word! HOORAY!]
I only have ONE more boss to draw. [I am NOT including the Minish Cap bosses untill the game comes out here in the US.]
-boogie- It only took me a few months to do!
13 commentsMariaGemini
explaination.swfWhy Zelda and Link always CoExist1333 viewsSoundless
270 KB
Flash 6

This is a short, small flash I've made using Minish and OoT official art (and a screenshot from the GCN movie) in an effort to humorously explain why there's always a Link around when there's a Zelda.

Note that I'm trying to set a basis for how to introduce flash, so people can know if they need to dampen their volume, or be ready for a long wait, or even have a compatable browser.
21 commentsKoroks Rock
thispic 009.jpg
thispic 009.jpgmmyes its link1330 viewsshut up it is so. anyone with a sword and cone hat is link >.<34 commentsbathroomhacker
Aryll1.jpgAryll1329 viewsLink's sister in the "Wind Waker".
I really HATE the way the characters look in this game, that's why I'll draw them with my style.
19 commentsMagalink
_Four_Swords.jpgFour Swords1305 viewsThis is the second of two pictures Ive drawn for a contest.
The guys are a composition of the official art and my own design. Sorry for the bad quality of the scan.
5 commentsRooro
ruto sketch.jpg
ruto sketch.jpgRuto rough sketch1304 viewsPrincess Ruto, again, with her modern Zora look.
Very spoiled but good at heart. She will always be there for her friends
7 commentsdan heron
syais copy.jpg
syais copy.jpgCatnap: Hikagi1297 viewsYay! It's lil cute Hikagi. She was tired so she took a nap. Bad thing trees are bad places to sleep. It seems as if she were about to fall ^^;17 commentsdan heron
BRIDES.jpgHere come the brides!1296 viewsThis is my first Zelda fanart totally colored with Photoshop! I'm so glad I got it! The Pendant of Memories was also made with Photoshop, BTW. Here, every girl that has wanted link for herself is here to see to whom Link is getting married! Malon is the one with Saria and Marin is the one at the left, looking at Zelda. Ruto is green with envy! XD20 commentsMalu CLBS
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