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Top rated - Oekaki of the damned
Linkseaside_copy.pngSeaside Link180 viewsHe's just too cute not to draw - is that windwaker boyo

1 commentsachitka
(7 votes)
NSS_Chapter_Three.pngChapter Three: Fairy Crossings137 viewsMore of the Cover art - I think she looks better without the dark lines....still looking for a good way to drawl these with out dark lines 0.oachitka
(1 votes)
ummm_yeah_smaller.JPGJust a bit of Signature fun136 viewsa sig I made - cause it seemed like a good idea at the tim2 commentsachitka
(6 votes)
NSS_Chapter_Six~0.pngEveryone knows it's windy....158 viewsCrazy orange (some days pink) ind god from the Wind Waker...more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitka
(6 votes)
Linky2.JPGA Disturbing Developement128 viewsWhat's that you say - that's not Link? Well in my fan ficcy world - yes it is. It really is best no to dwell on such things...

Surprisingly this is not an oekaki - I recently got a tablet - why? 'Cause my credit limit said I other reason than that. I know it's sketchy but I've never used one of these before - so there bound to be a HUGE learning curve (HUGE)

Link is the propehteh to those fine maker o' teh Wii - of in Japanese - Nintendo
(1 votes)
GANONDONE.pngGanon - from the LOZ cartoon174 viewsI made this for a contest - I'm not entirely sure I followed the rules - since it was supposed to show Link being defeated by some monster or other...

(1 votes)
NSS_Chapter_Four.pngMmmmmm coffee....162 views*yum* more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitka
(1 votes)
vaati.pngVaati - Evil Minish398 viewsHard to believe so much trouble can be caused by one hat.15 commentsachitka
(5 votes)
Venus.pngVenus - Queen of the fairies288 viewsShe always seemed like a trouble maker to me.5 commentsachitka
(9 votes)
artpad_no_go.PNGHail the fishing pole of DOOM!!110 viewsI love that fishin' pole - so shinyachitka
(6 votes)
KORL.pngLong Live the King124 viewsOf all TWW characters I've never drawn this look I didachitka
(6 votes)
5000_color_thanks_copy.pngTetra - alot younger102 viewsmaybe 6 or 7 she's so cute tooachitka
(5 votes)
Times_Sage.pngHey watch where you're pointing that thing170 viewsJust another oekaki - yup -

Is Tetra - no really, she got a haircut - but only in my fan ficcy world...Probably for the best since I'm sure she not happy about who I'm making her aim that weapon at...
2 commentsachitka
(2 votes)
Oracle_Link.pngOracle Link263 viewsOf all the Links, I've always liked him the most. He's one kick ass little guy who can dance the dance with the subrovians.

On an unrelated note: I noticed he looks alot like the new Link, just younger. Must be his face shape or sumthin...
5 commentsachitka
(2 votes)
Chapter_Seven_no_words.pngMiniblins - sort of153 viewsThis mess is more cover art, that I haven't added the Layer of text to yet. Probably do it tomorrow. If you can't tell they are miniblins - I hate those stupid ne' ne's 3 commentsachitka
(1 votes)
dark_Link.pngSooo... where the hell is he?198 viewsGood old dark Link - still waiting around for that fairy boy2 commentsachitka
(3 votes)
birdie.jpgA really big bird216 viewsJust a drawing of that TWW Link having at a very large bird.2 commentsachitka
(4 votes)
zelda_copy.pngThat Zelda babe - drawn in 30 seconds121 viewscolored in about 3 minutes

1 commentsachitka
(2 votes)
TetraSpeckcolorNew.pngTetra and a Speck235 viewsThis is Tetra (or at least how I see her in my fic) The little guy is Kage. Prior to this he was bound by the fairy queen to Saimon and his sister Kageri was bound to Senkyoku. They were then charged with 'looking after' the children they had helped the bad guy of the fic to corrupt When Link broke the binding between Saimon and Kage, he reverted back to his old self. But he's a fairy with a reputation for doing not nice things.

So Tetra decided to call him Speck instead of the name he held as a Tekuragari with the hope he could find his true purpose. Speck is minus his ethereal glow for a reason, but that's just too complicated to get into here.
(2 votes)
Tetra_new6.pngRandom drawing of Tetra116 viewsOh myachitka
(6 votes)
chiyuu_done.pngChiyuu153 viewsHe's and OC from my zelda fiction stuff. I like the tree.1 commentsachitka
(6 votes)
Link_back.pngWhat the !$# is that?233 viewsJust trying out a new tool - tones and stuff

It's Link, with no place left to go. I'm sure he'll be fine though. Once he figures out what the !@#$ that is.
3 commentsachitka
(6 votes)
Link1st.pngLink's first meeting with the Deku Tree378 viewsBy first I mean when his mother brought him there. I alway imagined that scene was dark for some reason.15 commentsachitka
(5 votes)
So_whose_next__by_Achitka.jpgSo who's next?150 viewsSince I've drawn most of the other Link's, I figured I add the Twilight Princess Link - no background and his shoulder but whatever. It really looks better bigger for some odd reason.achitka
(3 votes)
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