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Big O real -4powers.jpg
Big O real -4powers.jpgBig O real -4powers-242 viewsWent back to my roots of drawing with this one,.I used to draw realistic animal pics when I was younger,.like grade school,.some20 years ago..Gobooros oboroos at his best or how ever you say his name??
Whoo!! plus owls are cool
11 commentsFyrborn
(6 votes)
Epona-real.jpgEpona real237 viewsIts been awhile since I've drawn horses,.bout as long as I've drawn real animals,.but I drew horses all the time!!
so hope its great!!

plus havn't drawn Epona yet!!

7 commentsFyrborn
(4 votes)
link 4swordwall.jpg
link 4swordwall.jpgLOZ-4SWORDS wallpaper236 viewsI decided to post the four wallpapers I did about a year ago or so...a four part series, at least till make ones of the other lozgames...this is number4 it was done using pics I found and a rendered background I created using mspaint and a photo took me atleast two hours...and I still couldn't get the links all the same size.6 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
LinkVSDlink.gifLink VS Dark Link326 viewsafter a small small talent animation..finally gave birth to..this...its kind of cheesy but my gifanimator is cheesy...not to mention my way with sprites..I think it came out took me like 5 or six hours to do..time I should have been sleeping...hope you guys like^-^.....will link servive..15 commentsFyrborn
(5 votes)
WW Link.jpg
WW Link.jpgWW Link aka Minishcap Link235 viewshadn't done a Windwaker pic yet so..I did one>.<
shout it from the top of that mountain Link!!
you know cause he is..wonder if he'd ever drive a dodge?
9 commentsFyrborn
(3 votes)
Merry Linkmas!!.jpg
Merry Linkmas!!.jpgMerry Linkmas!!!!223 viewsAfter a long day of drinking eggnog/martinies Link was a little bombed so he decided to give Ganon a present.. an active bombchu...
Have an explosive christmas!!! Zelda legenders!!!!!
we wish you a linky christmas we wish you a linky christmas and a exploded Ganon.
6 commentsFyrborn
(3 votes)
Cat nap colored.jpg
Cat nap colored.jpgCatNap-colored145 viewsThis is the last of Girlinks Pics that hadn't been colored,.so I wanted to do something cool..this is the colored versionFyrborn
(2 votes)
Oot blue bubble.jpg
Oot blue bubble.jpgOot blue bubble166 viewsOot Oot blue bubble spooky.
wonder if it would fight with Girlink's Poe? that would be an evil fight..
the clash of the skulls!!
wings and robes flapping!!
umyeah..whooo E_V_I_L!!
5 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
little wolf link.jpg
little wolf link.jpgLittle wolf Link259 viewsalways thought of Link having a connection with wolves since the comic of link to the past, and so I started out with a young wolf Link,I plan on doing a adult wolf link,in the future.10 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
my style manga Link.jpg
my style manga Link.jpgMy style manga Link198 viewswanted to do a simple but younger looking Link, so I drew up this one...I think I made his eyes look too cute.5 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
Navi.jpgNavi...214 viewsI like this sketch alot and so I wanted to give it very flowing color with keeping its sketch like design..hope you like it GL!!
Sweet how you made her eyebrows look like antenni!!
4 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
legend at work LOZ shirt.jpg
legend at work LOZ shirt.jpgLegend at work LOZ shirt170 viewsJust another linkstuff.
it scanned kinduv weird but its hard to scan a shirt..those weird grey lines shouldn't be there the shirt,is allbrown with yellow logo...GL this it what the one shirt I told you about looks like..apart from the scanner fuzz..heh
4 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
ZLbanner.gifZelda Legends banner275 viewsbeen so busy..drawing up some stuff and putting a story into works along with working I've not had much time to upload any new pics yet but I have some linkstuffIown to show and this gif.


4 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
my style zelda.jpg
my style zelda.jpgMy style Zelda193 viewsI was tinkering with a new style for Zelda...this one was one of the best I came up with, I think because it has good emotion to it.5 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
mid transformation link.jpg
mid transformation link.jpgMidTransformation Link240 viewsIf you thought my adult link looked mean...I wouldn't want to meet this link in a dark hall. I was fairly empressed with myself,with this pic...just think I made his ears to close together...but it works.9 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
triforce1.gifTriforce258 viewsFROM THE DEEP resessses of my computers small memory...I totally forgot I had this...I seem to remember getting this from a friend...but it's been awhile, thought it would be a nice touch...mainly because I havn't posted any gifs yet.
14 commentsFyrborn
(1 votes)
EvilLink aka possesedlink.jpg
EvilLink aka possesedlink.jpgpossesed Link aka evil Link178 viewsthis is possesed link from my fanfic, also could be known as evillink.
this link is from a part in reality where hyrule has fallen to ganon and the princess was lost.
when link got up the courage to take on ganon,who had the whole triforce, and defeated him the anger from ganon was transfered from him through the triforce to link, link who had been confused and distrught at killing ganon went mad with power..destroying his reality.
and nearly myself who was trying to help him calm down.
the marking on links head means courage, and the mark on his hand is the sign for the full power of the one should ever have the full power of the triforce
6 commentsFyrborn
(3 votes)
Grand reward.jpg
Grand reward.jpg-Grand Reward-547 views-Grand Reward- JN 2005 Fyrborn

The mist of sorrow rolls by in the deep darkness of night.
The cold chilling wind blows through the the trees of the forest.
A hero stumbles through the pain of his life.
Through the trees of end and the mist of forgotten.
A great dark misting forest of stone raises up before the hero.
He stumbles to a limp to a crawl,before long he is dragging himself through the dirt with his wartorn hands.
His breath falters,it nears,the end.
In the grass behind him lays his world,the things he worked for,the things that changed for the better.
The hero grasps a tomb,realizing it is his own.
remembering his life before,his eyes go cold and his hands go limp.
With his last breath,as he slumps to the ground,alone.
He speaks"it was worth it".
The cold wind of lonlieness blows through the trees of steel and over the body of man.
Heros will come and go,but there will always be a world for them and lives for them to protect.
So in the end,this is the heros.
Grand reward...
8 commentsFyrborn
(3 votes)
Linkwalk.gifLOZ2 Linkwalk..369 viewsthis ones alittle different then dlink cause I wanted him to blink as he walked..both dlink and link were..edited from there original colors cause...the first colors were weird...links sword was skin colored and his green color was so dull..hope you guys like it^-^ @-@ maybe I'll do a fighting one next..9 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
Omega Maximus Link.jpg
Omega Maximus Link.jpgOmega Maximus Link238 views I Originally wanted to draw Link as a serpent, kind of that what if Link succumed to his evil side, type thing but it became alot more, the more I drew...still not quite happy with how the wings turned out though...20058 commentsFyrborn
(2 votes)
Girlink andthe Lizalfos.jpg
Girlink andthe Lizalfos.jpgGirlink andthe Lizalfos266 viewsthis was just a pic I wanted to draw of what I thought Girlink would look like as a hylian.
shes being stalked by a lizalfos.
to me the back ground still didn't come out looking very good.but ohwell,I'm not that good at backgrounds..HOPE YOU LIKE IT GL!!..,and if you want I could add you to my fanfic,if you wanted..I would just need back ground charector information.
6 commentsFyrborn
(5 votes)
legend of Zelda triforce.jpg
legend of Zelda triforce.jpglegend of Zelda triforce280 viewsnow this old I can't belive I still had this one...drew this back when I was playing the old nintendo game of the first Link,I swear I'll draw new stuff...14 commentsFyrborn
(8 votes)
Linkdasboot.jpgLink Das Boot!!198 viewsHAPPY SOON TO BE CHINESE NEWYEAR!!
ON THE 29!!
heh Link went german...
4 commentsFyrborn
(6 votes)
Fyrborn the Drazolfo-colored.jpg
Fyrborn the Drazolfo-colored.jpgFyrborn the Drazolfo-colored189 viewsheres the colored pic.
uh maybe someone will like it..the sketch to me was awsome,the colored one is mighty nice too.
hope you like the colors GL!!
7 commentsFyrborn
(3 votes)
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