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RVL_SMB_Pikachu_00.jpg706 viewsMelora
(7 votes)
24.jpg780 viewsMelora
(7 votes)
22.jpg805 views5 commentsMelora
(7 votes)
timescans-727882.jpg800 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
(7 votes)
melora_oracle1.jpgPractice Sketches476 viewsJust some practices sketches of the characters from the official art for the Oracle series- pencil3 commentsMelora
(7 votes)
melora_2.pngEvil Zelda271 viewsDone with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program1 commentsMelora
(7 votes)
IM_A0010.JPGWW collage191 viewsSo, I did this two years ago for my now ex-boy friend's birthday. Edited in Photoshop (which i don't have on this computer....arg.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
(7 votes)
goodbye.jpgGood bye564 viewsLink sets out for adventure, leaving Zelda behind. She sees him go as she remembers the good childhood days.4 commentsMalu CLBS
(7 votes)
goron small.jpg
goron small.jpgA Goron Stole My Gumball213 viewsThe artwork, which is really rather like the front cover of a book, for my fanfic, 'A Goron Stole My Gumball'. If you own photoshop and are interested in coloring this pic, please e-mail me ( with your request.2 commentsAnime James
(7 votes)
Quill.jpgQuill300 viewsthis is a gift for a friend on Deviantart and Fanart central.

bleh! I messed up the leggs and the body >< ... and the face... grr... the only thing Im content with are the wings
6 commentsDust_Bunny
(7 votes)
Enede_Colored.jpgLady Enede (The Legend of Zelda: Idafan's Relic)352 viewsLady Enede, a dark sorceress from my fanfic, is a member of King Ganon's court and the guardian of his daughter, Princess Syara. She doesn't remember her life before Ganon took her in as a little girl, and taught her the dark arts. (Done in Photoshop CS) 4 commentsHolly Moore
(7 votes)
oracle.jpgOracle368 views7 commentsShinigami_Gtc
(7 votes)
horse_girl.jpgHorse Girl from Twighlight Princess300 viewsIn the newest screenshots there is one with a girl standing next to the horse (Epona?). I wanted to draw her. ^^2 commentscerasly
(7 votes)
icon_keaton_big.gifkeaton icon286 viewskeaton5 commentscerasly
(7 votes)
among_the_dead_detail.jpgAmong the Dead - Detail545 viewsHere's a detail of "Among the Dead".4 commentsShady Gambino
(7 votes)
Bath.jpgThe Royal Bath401 viewsGot the idea for this after watching an episode of Rome on HBO. This was a tough but I managed to get the light to work for me in this pic. 6 commentscoasty30
(7 votes)
ganonsunlight.jpgGanondorf285 viewsI kind of always imagined that at the end of OOT, when you run up those final stairs in the castle, that the battle will take place with sunlight streaming in through all those windows..Well, actually, Im just trying to distract you all from the fact that this is my VERY FIRST attempt at Photoshop (I havent even watched the tutorial yet)... so be kind, Im still learning....:) Man it is tough...6 commentsGirlink
(7 votes)
oni_link.jpgOni Link request for Bounty Hunter418 viewsThe most powerful character in the Zelda universe, wielding his Helix Sword, inside Majora's Moon.20 commentsRICKY
(7 votes)
scan0003.jpgA Spiritual Aid (colored)377 viewsCool! I just finished this pic! its a pic i was going to have susie q color, but then i decided that i'd like to do it, and then i finished, then i decided to color it, and WALLA! I think it looks cool, (i know i have made countless mistakes, but i would still like 2 know if i missed anything) DANG! i just realized that i forgot about his sock thingy's... meh... Tell me what you think!!!22 commentsdude_thats_evil
(7 votes)
12-16-2004 06;43;27PM.JPG
12-16-2004 06;43;27PM.JPGDeku Link138 viewsHe looks so sad.1 commentsTheFullmetal
(7 votes)
rickyattacks.jpgRicky and Link in autumn449 viewsLink is traveling around Holodrum in Ricky the kangaroo's pouch...10 commentsRICKY
(7 votes)
party links.gif
party links.gifParty Link's260 viewsjust a short gif I did of dlink and link gettin down with there bad selves..
go on you know you wanna,chant
18 commentsFyrborn
(7 votes)
HalTri_001.pngChibi Helmasaur King and Trinexx522 views2 commentsMariaGemini
(7 votes)
linkbanner.jpgLink (TP Version) Banner205 viewsHere is a banner I made for a new member at the forums. This banner is the version without the member's username encoded on it. As you can see, I used the image of Link from Twilight Princess and incorporated into a greenish toned banner. One of my best banners yet. ^__^6 commentsNabooru
(7 votes)
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