This page is going through a major update, please be patient as I try to re-organize this. I'm trying to make this a little easier to read. I'm going through all the guides to get the monsters in ... Again please be patient.

This bestiary is an extensive list of life forms and enemies from every Zelda game. I plan to give an image and the official name (English and Japanese) for every creature's appearance in every game. The Bestiary will become more useful as I keep adding sprites and official art. It will probably never be complete, so if you find something missing just contact me. Due to the size of the various tables, to make viewing easier the Bestiary is located outside of the main site design. You can read more about the bestiary below, or click the link to start browsing the Bestiary.

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Browsing. In the first column is given the name of the creature. Subsequent columns are for games. If a certain creature, or something like it, appears in that game, something will be in that cell. Otherwise, the cell is empty. Creatures can be viewed alphabetically or by game. If you view the creatures from a certain game, you can choose to just view the creatures from that game, or you can view a comparison table across all games. You can use the search feature to search the text of all the names from the different games (including the Japanese names), not just the name in the Name column.

Content. If a cell is empty, that means that creature doesn't appear in that game. If the cell has a check mark, the creature appears in that game, but I haven't put information in yet (perhaps I haven't put the sprite in yet, and/or there is no known official name). If a creature has a known official English name, that name is put in first (after the art, if I've put it in yet). After that is the official Japanese name, if known. If there is a question mark anywhere, this means that there is uncertainty about the name. Anything in parentheses is my own educated guess, not official. If the name in the Name column is all-caps, this indicates that only the Japanese name is known, and I couldn't figure out a proper English equivalent.

A Note on Sources

It is obviously difficult to find many of the official names of certain things. So sometimes there is a lot of detective work and guessing involved. The best I can do is give only known official names, and try to indicate possible connections.

Sources for official names:

LoZ: American and Japanese manuals.
AoL: American and Japanese manuals. Official Nintendo Player's Guide. The Japanese names came from the Futabasha guide (which is available on my site). These names are also listed on this site: The Museum of Zelda. This is where I got the names originally.
ALttP: American and Japanese manuals. Official NOA guide. Official Shogakukan guides. No sources yet for the GBA version.
LA: Official NOA guide (the DX guide is identical except for a few extra inserts). The Japanese names came from this site: The Legend of Zelda site. They presumably got the names from the official Japanese guide, but I'm still trying to find out.
OoT: American and Japanese games.
MM: American and Japanese games.
Oracle: Official NOA guide (only has boss names). Assume same enemies as in LA.
FS: Official Prima guide for ALttP/FS (ISBN: 0-7615-4118-7). Thanks Iron Knuckle for getting these! UPDATE: Most scans are now replaced by actual sprites from the Image Gallery.
TWW: American game, official NOA guide, and Japanese game (once I find a list of Japanese names).
FSA: Gamefaqs Monster Lists and FAQs.
TMC: European Game, names taken from the Figurine List.