Link and Zelda made it onto American television during the late 80s and early 90s. Two cartoons series, featuring Nintendo franchise characters, were created by DIC Entertainment.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show

This TV show ran weekdays on NBC, and starred live-action actors playing the Mario Bros. Halfway through the show they would play a Mario cartoon. Zelda cartoons were on Friday. Thirteen Zelda episodes were featured in this cartoon, which ran in 1989. One episode ran every Friday from September through December of 1989. The cartoons are set after the time of "The Legend of Zelda" and "The Adventure of Link." Ganon has been revived, and has stolen the Triforce of Power once more. He still desires to get the other Triforce pieces for his own, so he can rule Hyrule. Each episode follows Link and Zelda as they foil Ganon's misbegotten, and often silly, plots. And yes, Link tries to get Zelda to kiss him ALL the time, and he says the same lines over and over.

EpisodeTitlePremiere Date
1The RingerSeptember 8, 1989
2Cold SpellsSeptember 15, 1989
3The White KnightSeptember 22, 1989
4Kiss 'N TellSeptember 29, 1989
5Sing For The UnicornOctober 6, 1989
6That Sinking FeelingOctober 13, 1989
7DoppelgangerOctober 20, 1989
8Underworld ConnectionsOctober 27, 1989
9Stinging A StingerNovember 3, 1989
10A Hitch In The WorksNovember 10, 1989
11Fairies In The SpringNovember 17, 1989
12The Missing LinkNovember 24, 1989
13The Moblins Are RevoltingDecember 1, 1989

Captain N: The Game Master

This show aired on NBC Saturday mornings, shortly after the SMBSS show began. It features Kevin and the "N Team," who help out the denizens of "Videoland," which is basically all the Nintendo franchises combined into one world. The Zelda episodes of Captain N aired during the second year. The third year also re-ran "Quest for the Potion of Power" in two 15-minute episodes.

Episodes known to feature Zelda characters:

  • Quest for the Potion of Power
  • Having a Ball
  • The Trojan Dragon
  • The Time Machine