Community's Choice

The following fanfics are writings which the ZL community has chosen as the best of everything we have. There are currently three Chosen Fics, which are the first to represent ZLFF as our highest-quality fics. Because of the down time recently, this particular event is on hold until I can get things sorted out better.

This fan fiction is, right from the beginning, a new cut on Ganondorf. It adds a whole new dimension to him and his relationship with Link, and is just as touching in it's own way as a professional novel. A masterpiece of monologue and introversion, it puts the reader in an entirely new perspective.

This fan fiction is known for adding in a new depth to the characters and bringing a very new feeling to the OoT postworld. Vivid description brings the world to full-color life, and excellent dialogue (complete with undercurrents of hidden meaning) makes the story flow on.

This fic is very notable for it's extreme complexity and depth. Set after WW, it resounds with some of the best characterization we have seen, and keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as it twists and turns in all directions.