I would not have been able to create this site without the help of a lot of great people and web sites. Below is a list of people and web sites who have generously contributed content. Contributions include images, scans, songs, FAQs, or other information. Some e-mail addresses or URLs may be out-of-date, but I keep them here for the sake of completeness.

If you feel you should be added to this page, send me an e-mail.

Contributing People
AnastasiaAnastasia is translating the Link's Awakening manga, and submitted scans of the Japanese LA manual. She will be helping out with translation projects.
AnnieAlong with Melora, she translated and contributed enormously to our manga section. Webmistress of the late
AtEteMiAGaReTranslating Four Swords Plus manga.
B.GroomsSubmitted OoT official art.
BarryHInformed staff of news.
BenoSubmitted various images and manuals to the image gallery. Translated and edited some Zelda manga.
BlazeSubmitted image of Link trading card.
cent208Founded the list of Zelda awards.
Chris OlsonConributed detailed descriptions of the AIAS awards, and a long lost issue of the Valiant comics.
Drew BlaisdellSubmitted a whole bunch of his midi arrangements.
dudeofrandomnessHe contributed a few wallpapers.
enchantedtoastThe awesome Link emoticons and a long standing Legends Alliance presence.
Eric StevensSubmitted scans of Japanese OoT MQ box.
Eva JanusArranged midi.
EvilGiegueScanned and edited images from the LoZ Tips and Tactics guide. Submitted several text dumps and translation tables. Helped me figure out how to make text dumps. Submitted some sprites.
FalleArranged midi.
Ganon751Arranged midis.
GarshOriginally scanned the Valiant comics, and gave me his blessing to host them.
GuguGuru214Submitted Oracle Link sprites
Iron KnuckleSubmitted a bunch of sprites, images, scans, and encyclopedia.
Jason BoazImages from Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Oracle.
JohanJohan is helping with the translation of various Japanese Zelda sources. He is contributing to the Japanese translation comparison features, and gave lots of spoilers about TWW!
Jose ParraComposed some good midis
Kayak Boat(Webmaster of VGRhapsody.) Submitted Zelda official art scanned from Nintendo Power.
Koroks RockContributed some images to the site, and is also an all-around great member of our community. Now helping admin the Fan Fiction area.
KWhazitDid a translation of ALttP which he allowed me to convert into a translation table and post on the site.
LesoriaHas extracted and submitted many awesome sprites/textures from 'Four Swords Adventures' and 'The Wind Waker' games.
Lord Jabu-JabuSubmitted a sprite of Jabu-Jabu from OoA. And, being a regular visitor to my forums, he has probably influenced me in ways I can't now remember. smile.gif
MakSubmitted several scans and a bunch of screenshots, and provided lots of information about Zelda resources. Webmaster of The Adventure of Hyrule.
martinDTandersonContributed a lot of good images, and discussed storyline stuff. Thanks, Martin!
MayzenSubmitted scans of the Japanese Majora's Mask OST.
MeloraWebmistress of History of Hyrule. Lent to me the use of her high quality Zelda scans and host her manga. Thanks Melora!
RickyHas often sent in new Zelda official artwork, scans, and/or any news of Zelda manga to lord-of-shadow... Looked after the fanart gallery and midi gallery for a while.
SouthPawLinkContributed information about AIAS awards.
TakkuriComposed some good midis.
ToanHelped weed out sites in our links section that did not meet our requirements or removed their links to us, which is a huge job.

Is an integral part of the staff of the forums, and just a great asset to the community in general.
TSAHas provided me with a lot of information and interesting discussions.
Zeldafreak84Thanks for being a great online buddy, and for helping me with Japanese and emulation! Also submitted manual scans for LA, MM, MnK, and OoA.
Zethar-IIHelped translate random Japanese Zelda stuff, including Sound & Drama track 9, the AoL manual, and the ALttP manual.

Contributing Web Sites
Al Palacio de Sheikbadoo chat sitesi hakkında
Desert Colossus
GameFAQsProvided a lot of Zelda walkthroughs and FAQs, and hosted a few of my own!
History of HyruleSamsun Saš ekimi merkezi
Rauru's Returnomegle , chat sitesi