Ocarina of Time

The OoT text dump is complicated, so it's not perfect yet. But it's getting very close!

Table of Contents:

American Version


Formatted Text Dump (.TXT Format)
Formatted Text Dump (.HTML Format)


Formatted Credits Dump (.TXT Format)
Formatted Credits Dump (.HTML Format)

Japanese Version

The American and Japanese versions of OoT are actually both contained in the same ROM. Accessing one or the other is as simple as changing the country code in the ROM's header. This is how I got the Japanese text for Toki no Ocarina. These dumps come from the American version, but I have checked and the text is identical to that found in the Japanese version.

Formatted Text Dump (.SJS Format)
Formatted Text Dump (.HTML Format)
Japanese/English Comparison Table
(200KB ZIP (642KB unzipped), Last Revision: 12/23/03)
Because the English and Japanese text is arranged in the same order in the ROM, it was possible to align the two in a table. This huge HTML file aligns the English and Japanese translations in a table, to make comparing quotes in both languages much easier.

European Version


Formatted Text Dumps (.TXT Format):
Formatted Text Dumps (.HTML Format):
European Language Comparison Table The dump of each languags in European version of OoT showed that the text is in the same order for every version. This huge HTML file aligns each translation in a table, so that one can compare a quote in English, German, and French.


Formatted Credits Dump (.TXT Format)
Formatted Credits Dump (.HTML Format)

Translation Tables

Ocarina of Time Dump Table:
Covers both U.S. and European dumps, but not the credits. Will *soon* cover Japanese version.
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