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  • A Confession

    Last Updated: Jan 12 2011

  • The Sea and Little Fishes
    Pipking, a guest writer of Behind the Rupees fame, writes about Phantom Hourglass in his usual light style. It's an enjoyable read.
    Last Updated: Oct 8 2007

  • Video Games Live and Tallarico interview
    Max describes his experience at the VIdeo Games Live concert, and his interview with Tommy Tallarico.
    Last Updated: Sep 6 2007

  • Twilight Princess Articles
    A series of articles examining Twilight Princess from a variety of angles. By Max Nichols.
    Last Updated: Jan 13 2007

  • On the Brink
    Max Nichols (lord-of-shadow) explores the sense of excitement that is always there before the release of a Zelda games two and a half weeks prior to the release of Twilight Princesss.
    Last Updated: Nov 2 2006

  • Okami - Not Zelda, but close enough
    Max Nichols (lord-of-shadow), on the subject of Okami - the Zelda inspired adventure game from Clover Studios.
    Last Updated: Oct 24 2006

  • My Thoughts on the Wii
    Khuffie gives his thoughts on the Wii.
    Last Updated: Oct 9 2006

  • Max's TP and PH Impressions (E3 2006)
    Max (lord-of-shadow) discusses his impressions of Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, both of which he got a chance to play at E3 2006.
    Last Updated: May 15 2006

  • The Power of Community
    In this editorial, davogones talks about what the Zelda community can achieve when it works together.
    Last Updated: Apr 9 2006

  • Silence, Patience, and Faith
    An article by Max Nichols (lord-of-shadow) in response to the angry reactions at Twilight Princess' latest delay. He explains his thoughts on delays, why delays are often good, and goes off on an interesting tangent on the nature of sidequests.
    Last Updated: Feb 25 2006

  • The Lure of the Loot
    In this article, lord-of-shadow talks about items, their importance to the Zelda series, and ways that the series could improve upon their use.
    Last Updated: Sep 6 2005

  • Cloudscape
    An article by lord-of-shadow. In it, he muses about clouds, compares them to Zelda, and talks about weather.
    Last Updated: Aug 18 2005

  • Turning Point
    An article by lord-of-shadow, which explores the impact Zelda has had on his life.
    Last Updated: May 9 2006

  • E3 2005 Trailer analysis
    This is an analysis of the 2005 E3 trailer for Twilight Princess, by lord-of-shadow.
    Last Updated: May 19 2005

  • It is a Great Time to be a Zelda Fan
    An editorial by lord-of-shadow, exploring the aura of excitement around the Zelda community just prior to E3 2005.
    Last Updated: May 16 2005

  • Culture in Zelda
    An article by lord-of-shadow, which delves into how he believes the cultural aspects of the series' races can be enhanced.
    Last Updated: May 15 2005

  • Z'05 GDC Trailer Analysis
    An analysis and editorial about the trailer for Z'05 shown at the GDC developer's conference. Written by lord-of-shadow.
    Last Updated: Apr 13 2005

  • The Adventure, the Memories, the LEGEND - of Zelda
    An article by lord-of-shadow on what he considers the essence of the Zelda series, and what he thinks future games should include to build on that essence.
    Last Updated: Apr 13 2005

  • The Dark Side of Running a Big Fan Site
    As my site has grown, so has the amount of annoying behavior which saps me of time and energy. In response to this disturbing trend I have written an editorial describing the problem and urging people to ease up. Written by davogones.
    Last Updated: Apr 13 2005