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Maria,shadow of justice

By kentill(linksdaughter)
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Chapter 1: the fire

Link sat criss coss on the floor playing patty cake with his daughter ,Maria. Maria had white hair with red strands, cute dark green wolf ears, razor sharp teeth, dark blue eyes, gray shirt, and jeans. Maria was links most precious thing he had, if anything happened to her...i dont need to add to this.

Maria looked up at the door,something was there. Link looked at the door as well,"ill get it". Link got up and walked towards the door. Suddenly the door smashed into peices and tenticaly monsters emerged. Link fell and the monsters stepped on his ribs. Maria screamed and tug and rolled under the monsters legs.

"daddy,are you ok?" link smiled weakly and grabbed her and pulled her towards him. The monsters attacked and link took it all. He REACHED FOR HIS SWORD TO HIS RIGHT AND SHOT killed them all.

One more came and at wood in the fire place, the fire got out of control the second it was made. The fire attacked the cloth on the window and soon all was on fire. Link killed the monster and ran out of the house. Suddenly 50 monsters attacked and seperated father and daughter, knocking both out.

Link woke up in his bed, bandagged, so he knew it really had happened. The doc came over and explained he had a broken rib,and the monsters had..."DAMN YOU MONSTER.TAKE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING I HAVE!"


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  • Chapter 1: the fire