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Seperated Hyrule

By Legends_awaiting
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Chapter 1: Old Tales and Spirit of the Past

March 10th 2012-I know its been almost 3 years since this fic has been updated but it is in progress. The first two chapters are going to be completely different by the end of this month. Also, Two Worlds Meet is discontinued.

March 11: New summary!

SUMMARY: Ninety years under Ganondorf's harsh rule is starting to end. The New Resistance is getting closer to victory, however they still need help from the new hero and sages. Seventeen year old Link from Ordon Village, the great great grandson of the Hero Chosen by the Gods is the next hero and with help with his cousin and their rival they will bring an end to Ganondorf's rule. PG-13 for violence, language, and blood.

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Comments on this chapter

hauu13 says:

Good fic so far, but you seem to rush the action. Draw it out a little bit so the readers can savor it. And in many places your grammar is a bit wonky or you forget words...

Legends_awaiting says:

Okay, I will try to do that, thanks.

123456789zelda_n_n says:

awww, link didn't get to finish his last words!!!!!!


kentill(linksdaughter) says:


Princess of Twilight says:

Good story so far! And nooooo Link died!!!!

zeldazoom says:

lol, kentill, anyway i cried because im just that a that weird?