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“evil” princess

By zeldazoom
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Chapter 1: power over his head

Kyoko-mino entered her fathers large room.It was full of statues,drawings,and items of the triforce.She tugged on her father's cape and looked sweet as he turned around.

“whatcha doin',daddy?”She asked sweetly.The man rubbed his creepy fingers through his red spiky hair.He mumbled something and patted kyoko on her straight,smooth,black hair.She shrugged and skipped to the statue to her right, was just a yellow triangle,or was it something more.Kyoko knew not to touch anything here was so strange!maby just one quick tap,it wouldn't kill nobody!

Kyoko reached out a small,neatly

filed,finger to the statue.she slowly made her way to the top triangle,and shetouched it.suddenly the room grew dark and a bright light was envolping her father's hand.the light...a triangle!The man began laughing evily,the room disappeared,and a dark and creepy throne room replaced it.


Kyoko backed up from her father,scared of what she could have done.ganondorf crouched down next to her and stroked her hair gently, then tossed her aside like nothing.Ganon snapped his fingers and his evil gaurds came in.they took Kyoko away with their dirty,sharp,and creepy hands.She kicked and screamed but they were to strong.*what have i done!*

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kentill(linksdaughter) says:

wow...with so much power,and throwing your daughter to the side!i would never do that to my daughter,WOW!

zeldazoom says: comment about this chapter,i think it was gay

123456789zelda_n_n says:

yah,it is gay.

zeldamanlookssoawesome123456789 says:

nice story, i like it, just one thing. commas need spaces.