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Linked Chronicles - Time and Wind

By Nenilein
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Chapter 1: Prolouge

A tower…

The highest tower.

Why did it always have to be the highest one anyway?

And there he was, this man who called himself 'Ganondorf.' Sitting at a giant organ, the holy triangle’s radiance surrounded the back of his right hand. And he laughed this terrible laughter. This wasn’t laughter of joy. It was a cold laughter of greed and satisfaction.

There was this woman. A woman locked in a crystal.

“LINK!” she shouted.

And he answered. “ZELDA!”

What was going on? She shouted his name… but the voice he answered with was not his. This was the voice of a grown, strong man… And this woman, this girl, it was not Zelda… Not the Zelda he knew…

What was going on?

Just when he raised his sword and wanted to shatter the crystal this “Zelda” was trapped in, the scenario shifted…

A forest…

A girl… A girl dressed in green. Like him. A fairy was sitting on her shoulder and she was holding an ocarina.

“Hey. Do you remember the song, Link?”


Not his voice either… But it came very close.

Similar… But not his.

The green girl smiled. “Shall we play it together? You have an instrument, don’t you?”

Yeah, he did have one…

Just when he wanted to take it, the forest disappeared and the girl with it.

A new landscape formed. A wide, open field… blue skies and green grass, as far as the eye could see… and a small fairy with long, blue hair looked into his eyes.

“Link… you’ve gotten so far… you’ve become so strong… Now, you truly are a hero. I… I’m really glad to be your partner!”

“Why are you saying that now, of all times, Navi?”

Again this deep, adult voice. Why did he ask her that? Where did he even know her name from…?

The fairy didn’t seem to know what she should say now. “Well… you see… after we… it could be, that I… I have to…”

“You have to what?”

“Oh… it’s… not important!”

The fairy started smiling again, just as the scenario blurred once again and something entirely different appeared.

A town…

And something, that looked remotely similar to a….

A moon.

It was coming down.

A little demon was hovering in the air, calling it with a terrible spell.

And it was coming down.

Another, blonde fairy looked at him in desperation:

“Link! Do something! Tael! Please, we gotta help him! My brother!”


“Please, do something, Link!”

But this scene didn’t last for long either and disappeared like a cloud of smoke, before Link could even answer.

And then…

There was a golden-haired little girl. He knew her, he saw her before. He just knew it…

“And you are sure, that you want to leave Hyrule? If you go, who is going protect it?”

“I’m coming back, Zelda! It won’t take me long!”

“Do you promise?”


“Do you?”

Before he could say anything else, the girl before him blurred out of his view and only voices stayed.

"Hey. Do you remember the song, Link?”

“I’m really glad to be your partner!!”

“Please, do something, Link!!!”

“Do you promise?”


“Where are you Link? Why aren’t you coming back?”

He wanted to answer, but all of the sudden, his voice was gone.

He couldn’t talk, couldn’t answer.

It was as if he had truly disappeared…

A shadow started to cover everything and he was powerless and voiceless…

He could just hear the other voices shout for him.





“Link! Wake up, you douche, NOW!”


Link was ripped out of his dream rather unpleasantly. He spontaneously started rubbing his cheek. It took him a few seconds to realize that that was because Tetra had slapped him.

“Finally awake, sleeping beauty?” she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Hey! What’s the big idea?!” Link threw Tetra an angry look, but she just rolled her eyes.

“Outset Island just came into view. Wasn’t it you, who wanted to get home by today so badly?”

“Ah! Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

Link jumped out of his bed and put on his shoes. He ran onto deck and smiled.

Really, he could see it, Outset Island. His home, his childhood.

“Ah… finally back!”

“Oh, so now you’re wide awake, or what?”

Tetra was standing behind him.

“Sometimes I just don’t get how you work, Link!”

Link turned around. “You could have woke me up a little bit less, well, violently, Tetra!”

“You didn’t hear yourself, Link!” answered Tetra “Shouting, like someone was trying to kill you… what were you dreaming of anyway?”

“Oh yeah… that dream…”

He suddenly remembered what he saw in it…

“Say, Tetra…”


“If I told you that I dreamt of fairies and girls… what would you tell me?”

“That most guys dream of those things and that I think that this perfectly shows what pretty much all of their brain activity must be about!” claimed Tetra in an teasing manner.

“N-No, not like this! I mean… one of the girl’s was Zelda!”

“Yeah, nice try, Casanova. You’re still scrubbing the deck tomorrow.”

“Not you! A different Zelda!”

“You don’t know any different Zelda!”

“Yes, but I…”

Link sighed… It was pretty much pointless to talk to Tetra about something like that…


What kind of dream had this been?

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