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♥shadows love too♥

By zeldazoom
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Chapter 1: green,red,purple,blue,and a shadow too

Ever since her parents and grandmother died Angela,a firey red headed teen,has been the scum of Hyrule.At school the local bullies would throw her text books all over the place.In her home,kids,even adults,would look at her like she was a witch or demon.She used to get beat up,that is until she learned how to fight back.She couldn't complain though,she did have someone to call a freind.Someone to stick up for her,to talk to her,and to protect her as much as he could.

That someone was the town goody two shoes,as the kids called him.He wore a green tunic and long hat.His eyes were a dark blue,and his hair was golden yellow.Everytime someone picked on Angela he would pick out one of their flaws.She had to admit,she loved Link.

One day,as she was walking home,she saw Link comeing out of kakariko village's wise old man's place.He looked determined,like he knew exactly where he was going to go.Angela lade her bookbag against the oakwood door.She ran after him,but he was already in the lost woods.She held her breath and slowly slipped in after him.

She hated the dark,creepy,and skellutula infested woods.She hated the dark.She hated the things that are slimy.And she hated skellutulas.

Ahead she could see a bright light,she followed to where it was.The light was centering on a pedestal,and link had his hands on a sword.He held it proudly in his hand,and put it away.Angela took a step towards him,but then the impossible appeared before her gray,purple highlited,eyes.

Link had turned into 4 boys,each with a different color tunic.There was a red one,a blue one,and a purple one too.Angela gasped and approached them all.She stepped in front of the red one and stared him in the eye.

"What,you got a staring problem,girly!?"he yelled angrily.

Angela slapped him in the face,the rest yelled ow.She stepped in front of the blue one.He smiled back at her and somehow he tripped.She giggled,and moved on to the purple one.He squinted,bowed,and cleared his throat.

"pardon me ma'lady,but you wouldn't happen to have some lenses would you?"Angela shook her head.

"Ang,uh,the explaination for these handsome replicas of me,im-"green Link started.

He was interupted by angela;she turned around and sighed.But when she looked up a shadowy figure of link.she screamed and fell on her ass.He held out a shadowy hand for her.

"sorry.i didn't mean to scare you, Angela."He said in a gloomy voice.Angela didn't know why but she blushed and took his hand.normally she would have rolled her eyes and got up herself.The purple Link stepped up to Angela and looked just past her,with his bad vision and all.Angela put her slim fingers on his arms and moved him directly in front of her.

"See,there is a prophacy of a boy who saves the world from an evil king.But he picks up a legendary sword and gains help from the diferent parts of himself-"He was interrupted by Angela rolling her eyes and making blah noices.

"I know ,i know!My dad was obssessed by legends,iv'e read all his books."

Green came up to Angela and held out his hand.She thought for awhile,?*should I go with them?*She put her hand on his hand and nodded.

"Now,what to do first"purple thought out loud.They turned their heads to a dark portal that shadow link was standing by...

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  • Chapter 1: green,red,purple,blue,and a shadow too

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i like this!

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oh, you really did post one like mine, its not that similur it should be fine.

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