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Chapter 1: Drakos is not my dad!

Ike's dirty blond hair waved in the afternoon breeze. It was so majestic outside, so many trees, huge open fields with green, green grasses as far as he could see. No step dad to tell him what to do or put him down. The prince was all alone, just the way he wanted. The feeling of being free ran through every vain in his scrawney body. He was not a prince anymore, he wasn't the scum to a stupid selfish man anymore, he was just himself:Ike! And no one could tell him otherwise!

Sadly, his mother called him for another political meeting/debate, taking him away from his so badly desired dreamland. Ike sighed and put his favorite picture on the finely crafted seader wood nightstand next to his medium sixed bed. Before he went down stairs and past the large entrance to the lounge, he fixed his wild but soft, silky hair and straightened his long white coat. He whipped dust off of his finely woven white pants. Ike sighed, it was time for another lousy, boring, pointless eight hour waste of time.

Ike, prince of Hyrule, straightned his composure and opened the custom made door. He slowly walked down the stone stairs gracefuly, regretting each inch he got closer to boredom. Finally he reached a gray door with splintery wood stcking out every few inches. Ike sucked in the last breath of non-bord to death air. He sucked out and turned the shing gold knob. There was a 20 foot table as dead as every other person in this gods forsaken room. At the head of this long, gray table was the dreaded king of Hyrule, his step father, king Drakos Hyrule. He was wearing a gold royal robe fit for meetings. While everyone else continued to debate, including his mother, the evil bastard stared at the half breed prince with wicked hateful eyes. Ike gulped and sat at the foot of the table, far away from the greed.

After the meeting was over and everyone had left, the king grabbed Ike by the chin, anger in ins eyes. Ike knew better than to fight b

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  • Chapter 1: Drakos is not my dad!

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kentill(linksdaughter) says:

I don't have a grudge on what you said about my story so if I say anything negitive about your fic its not because of that, K? Ahem*

1. you didn't finish thechapter, so I wouldsoon if I were you.

2.The title should be in quotations.(I think I spelt that right, LOL)

3.wonderful detail, you have a talent!(unlike me, as you've seen,LOL, self-pity!)

Looking foreward to the next chapter!