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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 1: Mornings Are The Worst

This story is for mature minds and ages only. Be a good person and wait till you're older to read it, because I don't want to be the ones to taint any of your pure minds. This story has reference to s*x and has bad language. I'm not the type to write anything descriptive, meaning that I'm not good at writing graphically, so I wont. As a last warning, this is yaoi. If you do not respect or like gay love, then I advise you to turn away. NOW.

It was a crisp new morning with fresh dew on the tips of grass, making them shimmer and sparkle as the weak sunlight of the morning hit them dead on. It was quiet, nothing that could disturb a perfectly healthy sunrise, except the commotion in a few houses.

"MOM! I'M DRESSING! GET OUT!" A naked boy clothing himself with a towel raged out, slamming his door with much unneeded force. He had golden blonde hair with a pair of sky crystal eyes along with a nice toned body. His name was Green.

A middle aged women, adequate in height with lustrous blue eyes and long brown hair chuckled to herself and skiddled off to the kitchen to make her son breakfast. "Don't dress like an idiot on your first day of school, okay?!" She hollored at him, making sure that her voice went through the walls.

"ARGH! Whatever mom!" He finished screaming out as he put on a pair of jeans and a green shirt, along with a light green hoodie with a picture of the triforce on the chest. "Time to see my old friends again, along with some new ones." He smiled and softly said, as he looked at himself in the mirror a final time before leaving his room with his backpack.

"Oh, just so you know, you missed the bus." His mom casually explained, passing him a piece of toast along with some orange juice.

"Oh, really well thats ju- WAIT WHAT?! SHIT!" He jumped up from the kitchen table and sprinted out the door, using his Hylian ears to hear the bus, he heard a faint engine and darted towards the noise, hoping that it was the bus.

"Red, you arn't wearing skirts again are you?" A boy confronted a smaller boy on the bus. He was tall, yes he was along with the same golden hair like Green, except his eyes were a deeper shade of blue. Not to mention that his height was monstrous compared to the smaller boy. His name was Blue.

"It's a skort!" Red explained, brushing imaginary dust off his lap. He too had golden hair, his eyes were also blue, except with a tint red. He was a bit short for his age, but never the less, he was a small cutie, especially for a boy.

Blue chuckled to himself, finding a seat next to Red. "Yeah, whatever. So, how have you been? Good summer? You ready for Highscho-"

Red gave a small kiss on Blue's cheek. "You ask too many questions." He giggled. "I've been good, my summer was lonely without you, I wish you visted more." Red blushed and leaned his head on the taller boy. "You didn't tell me how much you missed me yet."

Blue was blushing at the sudden kiss, but regained his composure and replied, "I visited you nearly every day of the week! And I tell you how much I miss you everyday." He stroked the small boys head gently.

"Oh yeah." The cutie replied wearily, falling asleep on Blue's shoulder.

"Hey, wake up..." A boy also with golden hair woke up from his bed, shaking another boy that was sleeping next to him. He had deep and dangerous eyes which were pale blue along with lavender shades. His name was Vio.

"Just a little more..." The other boy rolled over, opening his eyes slowly. He had purple shiny hair and also had dangerous eyes. His eyes were crimson red and looked intimidating, even when they just woke up. This boy's name was Shadow. "Hey Vio, isn't today the first day of Highschool?"

"Yeah, it is the first day..." Vio rubbed his eyes, getting out of bed.

Shadow rose from the bed, sitting upright, also rubbing his eyes. "Hey Vio, you look nice." The boy smiled contently.

"It's called an afterglow." Vio smiled back. "It's what you get after you f*** someone."

"I know what it means, especially when I'm the seme(1)." Shadow cracked his neck, yawning. "So, why don't you come back to bed? I miss your warmth."

"Oh please, we have to get ready." Vio explained, putting on a pair of black jeans, along with a simple purple shirt. He tossed Shadow a pair of similar black jeans and a black shirt. "You know, you really should do something about that wing, you might creep everyone out at our new school. It's not like we spend our time fighting enemies anymore." Vio finished throwing accessories like chains and wristbands for Shadow.

Shadow started dressing too, brushing feathers off the bed and eyeing his partner. "You know that my wing turns you on." He fluttered his wings. "Especially when they're all nice and smooth..."

"Shut up before I lose my mind." Vio glared at him. "I don't want to be late on the first day of school."

Shadow chuckled to himself, "You know you want me."

Vio banged his head on the bedroom wall. "I am not having s*x with you before school."

"Oh touche..." He jumped up and 'attacked' Vio.

"STOP! PLEASE!" Green caught up to the bus, but the bus wouldn't stop.

Red heard the screams of one of his best friend and woke up from his short nap. He looked outside and fell into shock as he saw Green running after the bus. "Oh my God! Stop the bus!"

"Whats to stop for?" Blue asked before looking outside. He started laughing uncontrollably, holding his stomach.

Green saw his two best friends and glared at Blue, noticing that he was laughing at him. "JUST STOP THE f***IN BUS AND LET ME IN YOU BASTARD!"

Blue regained himself and yelled at the bus man to stop. The man followed his order and abruptedly stoped. Green didn't see this coming and ran right into the bus, making him fall backwards. It took him a few minutes to find out that he wasn't walking, he was being carried.

"Is the princess awake?" Blue tried to hold in a laugh.

"Oh shut up Blue, where am I?" Green tried to look around, finding out that his eyes were covered by something. "Holy crap! I'm blind!"

"Thats just a bandage Green, and you're in the infirmary." Red explained.

"The infirmary? Oh yeah, I got hit by the bus..."

"More like you hit the bus." Blue laughed.

"Whatever, you guys should get to class. I'll be fine here."

"Really? Are you sure?" Red asked.

Green gave Red a smile, "Yeah, positive."

"Vio Yanai and Shadow Katsui! Where have you been?!" Their third period english teacher yelled at them.

"We were having s*x." Shadow answered honestly.

"Shadow!" Vio screamed in shock. "Ahaha...he's joking!" Vio said uneasily.

"No, I made him moan and scream my name. He cums(2) really fast." Shadow winked at Vio.

"Oh god...Highschools going to be hell..." Vio gave a disapproving look to Shadow as they both took a seat in the class. Many many girls giggled at them as the two boys held hands during class.
(1): Seme means the more dominant one of the relationship.
(2): semen

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Comments on this chapter

kudjiboy says:

O////////////O whoa

Shadow-chan says:

^^; ....hehe...yeeaaahhh...
I honestly don't know what possessed me to write this ficcy. xD. I don't even know how I'll continue it lol!

hauu13 says:

Oh, this is good! Yaoi heaven! But, you have several errors with verbs such as when Vio said, "Shut up before I loose my mind," the word loose should actualy be lose.

Oh, is anyone going to get thrown in a dumpster? Someone should, just because getting thrown in a dumpster would be fun! (When I get in HS I wanna get thrown in a dumpster, it's my dream!)

Shadow-chan says:

Thank you! hauu13! Grr I thought I fixed that error xD I guess not! *flash back of ignoring the error* Oh yeah, Now I remember. Hehe... Sorry, I'll fix it right away!

Um, do you WANT me to throw someone in a dumpster? Cause, I can totally arrange that. I wrote this because I'm going to highschool, and I wanna write this kind of like a journal...except it's totally fiction..with five Link's... And I'm straight... Oh well, we'll see how this goes. I wanna get dumped in a trash can...cause then I have the excuse of being late for class...unless it's afterschool, then it's not cool.

kudjiboy says:

Oh dear, I really hate high school (and trust me, it's not fun being thrown in a dumpster, do you know how hard it is to get left over pasta out of your hair?!) I'm looking forward to reading more of this!

Shadow-chan says:

Yeah, I've had sticky rice stuck in my hair...I know how you feel!
I hate getting pasta in my hair too, especially when it's over cooked and it breaks really easily, leaving small pieces of pasta in your hair >.<
Yeah, I really don't know where I'm going with this story, but as long as you like it, I'll continue it =)

hauu13 says:

Yes make someone get thrown in a dumpster! And I still think it'd be fun, I could look to see if there was anything of interest in it, like books. (Who knows? Something by Stephen King could be in there!) Besides I'd pry land on something hard like a roof tile with my luck...

Princess of Twilight says:

I hope I don't get thrown in a dumpster 0.o I'm gonna be a freshmen this year.... I loved when Green woke up and thought he was blind. XD

Shadow-chan says:

I'm currently a freshman xD. Yesterday was freshman friday. So, as a tradition, I threw a senior in a trashcan. No one layed a hand on me after I did, so no trashy for me!

Legends_awaiting says:

Thanks, now I'm kinda worried about highschool...and it looks like almost all of us are freshman. xD

Shadow-chan says:

xD Well, just remember that seniority doesn't exist! Don't be afraid to punch anybody!
That said, I love being a freshman! Everybody expects you to be so weak, but it's really fun to prove them wrong!

hauu13 says:

I woudn't be able to punch anybody, teachers are everywhere. And there are cameras too. (I just hope they aren't in the bathrooms...) Besides, some highschooler thought I was a Sophmore the other day... And I could 'wup most of the kids at the MS or HS if I was in the mood.

Shadow-chan says:

Aw that sucks! The teachers don't care at my school, so it's a win/win situation for me.
I'm too short to be looked as a sophmore,junior, senior and stuff...I'm always looked down upon >.<! I hate that.
I'm sure you can 'wup lots of people o__O!! If you wanted to, that is. I'm sure you're not a violent person.

hauu13 says:

I'm shorter than most people at my district as well, but I seem a bit older because I'm a bit smarter than other people and I'm in Algebra 1(mainly a HS class, but I'm in the smart kids class) so I sometimes have the book with me.

And, I might not seem it, but I used to be a slight bully, and I'm real quick to anger.

Shadow-chan says:

Well then, short people rule xD! Not that tall people don`t rule or anything. We`re all cool. I`m considered to be smart, and I`m taking geometry as a freshman. I never separate from my books, no matter how heavy my bag is. I think I`ve got this disease where I can`t be separated from my stuff. It`s really annoying. O__O.

Arn`t we all? No one thinks I`m a bully, but on the inside, I`ve got BURNIN RAAAAGE! xD I`m quick to anger too.

kentill(linksdaughter) says:

OH! Highscool was a blast! I could beat up must of the seniors when i was in freshmen year! I just graduated last year...couple months ago. Have fun!(I threw my self in dumpsters just because it made me cool for some reason!)Seniors have mental problems! Awesome story!

Celestial Reign says:

Oh my God. I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard. When Green ran into the bus, I died. *claps* Great job. I'm looking forward to reading the rest. happy.gif

kagomegirl says:

Hey, hey! Finaly got here! Sorry it took so long, I couldent find where you put the link to this site, so I wasnt sure where you had it. Let me think... This story is cute! I like the fact that you randomly gave Shadow wings. Sexy~! <3 But-um, are you the one cencering the swearing? Because if you are, then there is no real point in swearing in the first place. Say "sleeping with" instead of "s*x".

I only read the first half of your replys but...everyone seems to want you to throw someone in the dumpster. That is just too cute! But I...cant really see any of them getting thrown in a doesnt really fit any of them...

Love Greens collision with the bus! HILARIOUS!

Shadow-chan says:

Eh, you're right about that.
I will keep that in mind about the censoring.
Though, people have the habit of using foul languages to show their anger, so I might slip a few here and there.
Also, I like using the word s*x for Shadow cause it makes him look like he really doesnt care what he says or who hears it. Lol, I love portraying him like that..
Im still thinking who and how someone is going to be thrown in the dumpster. It really is hard indeed...