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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 10: The greetings

Sorry for my late updates! By the way, my other story "The Five Sword" Is currently on hiatus, meaning that it's on a break. I will get back to it when I think of better...well...things to write for it. Thank you all for reading this far! Cookies for everyone!

Green and Shadow stared at eachother. "W-wait, how do you know princess Zelda?" They questioned eachother.

"Um, if you kind of forgot, I sort of kidnapped her." Shadow said slowly.

"And I was and still am her childhood friend." Green answered back.

"Ahem" Blue interrupted. He pointed to the door.

A beautiful girl, about the age of 14 with long golden hair and crystal blue eyes stared at them. She smiled, and it seemed as if a radiant light shined on her, as if she was a holy relic. She clasped her hands gently together and spoke in an angelic voice, "Oh, you must be the boys at detention yesterday. I'm sorry" She drooped her head down, "I tried my best to calm principal Ganon, but he just seems so angry today." Her eyes were glistening with a thin layer of water.

Green walked up to her and patted her on the back, "It's alright. We're happy you tried in the first place." He smiled sweetly to her. He kneeled on one leg and kissed her hand. (Some sort of knightly habit.) "By the way, may I ask of your name?"

The girl blushed, looking away to hide it. "My name is Zelda. You don't need to get down like that." She giggled, gesturing Green to get back up.

"Alright sleeping beauty, no more chit chat." Blue pulled Green by the ears. "We have a reputation to save!" Blue marched towards the inside of the office with Green repulsively following him. Red followed Blue, smiling contently to himself.

Shadow was ready to walk inside when he noticed that Vio hadn't moved, actually he was looking at Zelda, like in a trance. "Sweety?" Shadow called out.

Vio shook his head and collected his thoughts. "I'll be right there!" Vio smiled. Shadow nodded and walked inside. Zelda was starting to walk away when Vio stopped her. "Wait!" Zelda halted and looked back, confused. "I-Um, I must talk with you later." He scratched his head.

She smiled, "Sure! See you, um..?"

"Vio. My name is Vio." Vio answered politely. "I will see you later princess." Vio gasped, he didn't mean to say that.

"Oh my, I see who's mannered up in here. You don't need to be that polite with me, i'm just your ordinary girl." She finished, waving at him. "Goodbye!"

"Goodbye!" he waved back.

Shadow was watching them from the door, eyes glaring at the new girl. "No bitch is stealing my boyfriend." He hissed lowly, "not even princess Zelda..."

Vio walked in the office and Shadow went straight to giving him a kiss, wanting him to understand that he was his, and his only. Vio pushed him back, noticing that the principal was about to go on a tantrum. Shadow was oblivious to Ganon and looked down in sorrow, thinking that Vio didn't want to kiss him. He sighed deeply and looked up at Ganon with his usual menacing eyes.

Green, Red, Blue, Shadow, and Vio all spoke in unison, "Now lets get on to buisiness."

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Celestial Reign says:

Wah, I want more! Uh-oh. I sense conflict...and I love it! I'm actually going to do something similar to that in my fic (you know, have a little ZeldaxVio). happy.gif Great minds think alike, I suppose. Anyway, great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens!

I had planned on writing tonight, but I'm so darn sick right now, I can barely think, so I was going to mindlessly play my new PS2 game, but now the stupid controller is broken, so now I'm back to square one. T_T *sighs* Guess I'll try to write. I mean, what's the worst that can happen when you're sick and can barely stand? biggrin.gif

Oh, thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate them. happy.gif Thank you!

Celestial Reign says:

Oh, man. I just thought of something. Please don't take this as me trying to tell you how to write the story, I'm just giving a suggestion, but what do you think of Red on coffee? smile.gif Just the thought of that sends me into a spasm of giggles. >< biggrin.gif

Oh, update soon! Can't wait for more! I just adore this story!

Princess of Twilight says:

Oh dear there seems to be a bit of friction between Vio and was Ganon's fault Shadow!!! I!!! Lol good job with this so far. :3