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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 11: Confusing times

"So, what the hell do you want?" Shadow snarled, obviously in a bad mood.

"You five boys are obviously new here, so I'll give you a little ease, but you burned the detention room down!" Ganon slammed his hand down.

Vio stood up, his lavender iris's glowing seriously at Ganon eye to eye. "Excuse me, but if allowed to ask, how do you know we burned it down?"

"Well it's pretty much obvious! You boys were the only ones in detention yesterday!"

"Bwaaa!" Red sobbed. "T-The fire was there -hic- before we were there! I w-was so scared!" Blue stared sympathetically, while having a glint in his eyes. He was impressed with Red's acting.

Green sighed, "I'm sorry, but we would appreciate it if you gave our little friend here something to dr-"

Red grabbed Ganon's coffee mug and drank the black beverage, almost forcfully. Red gasped, slamming his hand down. His pupils became slightly dilated as his small mouth stretched into an incredibly large smile.

"f***...this isn't going as planned!" Vio whispered under his breath.

"Me likey Coffee!" Red smiled widely. "I love you Blue!" Red jumped up on Ganon's desk and leaned down to kiss Blue. "Hehe! Ganon! I will destroy you!" Red stretched his hand back to grab his sword...which wasn't there...He gasped and fell to the floor on his knees. "Oh meh Gods! My sword is GONE!" he sobbed.

"R-Red..." Blue urged. "Calm down..."

Vio gave Shadow a horrified eye. Shadow nodded.

"Thou shadow world, wrap this soul into darkness!" Shadow hissed. Shadows reached up and wrapped around Red.

"What are you doing?!" Ganon, Blue and Green gasped.

Red's eyes became distant and zoned out. Everyone excluding Vio and Red stared at Shadow in horror.

Shadow snapped and smiled. "Who's next?" Everyone backed away.

"ANYWAY..." Vio cleared his throat. "We didn't burn it down, end of discussion. We're leaving, thank you for your time." He stood up and left swiftly.

Blue picked up Red and left. Shadow stared at Green for a few seconds and they both some how uneasily smiled. "I need to talk to you Green." Shadow murmured. Green nodded while they both left, leaving a very surprised Ganon sitting there.

"So Shadow, what did you want to talk about?" Green asked.

Shadow looked down sadly, "I think Vio is going to break up with me for Zelda."

Green choked on his own spit for a second. "A-Are you crazy? You guys are like twins! (I know all 5 of them are twins, just go with it.) How can you even suspect that?!"

"I-I don't know...I just have a bad feeling." He slumped and banged his head on one of the lockers. "I didn't think I did anything wrong!" Shadow sobbed.

"Don't worry Shadow, he loves you. You guys will never separate as long as the legends of hero's still linger." Green patted Shadow on the back.

"Ahem..." A shadowed figure coughed. Purple hair and red eyes appeared from the dark corners. "While you guys are standing here, your Vio is in the next room talking to Zelda." Vaati informed, looking quite concerned.

Shadow's anger raged through his entire body. "That Bitch!" He screamed while dissolving inside the shadows.

"Hey Vaati, can I ask you something?" Green asked.

Vaati turned his head from the angry Shadow to Green, "Hm?"

"Do you think we're weird? I mean, you just saw one of my friends freaking melt into darkness, arn't you afraid?"

Vaati chuckled, "The world is dull without people like you. I enjoy it." He smiled.

Green's heart fluttered alittle while blushing. "Heh, I guess you're right." He held his hand out. "Friends?"

"And I hope to be more then that." Vaati smiled, flashing a fang. They shook hands, and ironically, this is the beginning of an awesome friendship, and maybe more then that.

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Celestial Reign says:

Oh, God. GreenxVaati? I love it! >:D Oh my God, you actually took the coffee idea? I love you! happy.gif That was SOOO funny! I laughed so hard.

Finally, poor Green gets a partner. Hooray for him! Yay! Can't wait for another update!

kentill(linksdaughter) says:

LOL, red is getting addicted to coffee, wont he? LOL, That would be funny, great job!

Zelda: Princess of Hyrule says:

Lol the part with Red getting all crazy from the coffee made me laugh! XD Good job!^^