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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 12: The Fight

Green and Vaati walked together, basically skipping class. But neither of them noticed that they actually were, due to the fact that their conversation really distracted the both of them.

"Heh, can I tell you a secret?" Green smiled. "But you might think I'm alittle crazy though." He chuckled.

"Try me." Vaati chuckled too. "I've seen your friend melt into shadows, whats next?"

Green rolled his eyes for a second, trying to word this right. "Well, um, I'm from a different dimension."

They both stopped walking. Vaati turned his head in a confused matter, "Excuse me?"

Green slumped his back, "I told you. Haha, not only me, but Vio, Shadow, Red, and Blue too." He stared at Vaati's eyes, hoping for acceptance. Vaati smiled, and that was all he needed.

Vaati offered his hand. Green smiled, and they ended up holding hands, walking through the hallways together. The hallways didn't seem so empty anymore, for Green was in love.


"V-Vio?" Shadow stood by the doorway of the room that Vaati said that Vio and Zelda were in.

"Shadow?" Vio answered. "What is it?"

Shadow raised his murderous intent in his eyes. "Please tell that whore to get away from you."

"Excuse me?!" Zelda was awestruck and baffled.

"You heard me! Step away from my boyfriend or I'll ensure that Hyrule will burn to flames!"(1) Shadow hissed.

"Well I never!" She gasped. "I'm sorry Vio, but this is perposterous! How dare he?" She yelled.

"Shadow..." Vio walked towards him. "Why are you like this?"

" You know DAMN well why I'm like this! " He grabbed Vio by the arm and stormed out of the room, leaving Zelda there. A very, very angry Zelda.

" You shadows are so disrespectful! " Words slipped from Zelda's mouth. It was as if the actual Princess Zelda was standing there.

Shadow halted. "You...Bitch..." He turned around and faced her. He growed lowly and he hunched over. All of the sudden, black ebony wings sprouted from his back.(2) "Don't you DARE look down on me like that!"

"Shadow! Stop!" Vio pulled on Shadow's arm. "Don't let the darkness take you." He whispered.

Shadow looked at Vio with sorrow. "I'm sorry...but I hate her." He turned around and flew off.

"Shadow!" Vio called out, but before he had chance to run, Zelda grabbed his arm.

"Don't." She replied. "Just don't."
1: They are still in the land of Hyrule.
2: I said in the beginning of the story that he had wings. And he aint loosing them.

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Celestial Reign says:

Wow. Somebody's jealous. wink.gif Love it and can't wait for more! biggrin.gif

Zelda: Princess of Hyrule says:

Exactly what Celestial Regin said. Keep up the great work Shadow-chan!^^

Celestial Reign says:

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I ADORE Shadow's wings! *tears them off his back*
Shadow: Hey! Give those back!
Me: No! *flies away* happy.gif

kudjiboy says:

is it just me, or can you just imagine what they would be like in the schools cafeteria xDDD

Shadow-chan says:

Lol, kudjiboy, I think I might take that idea into consideration, if I may.
Celestial, lol, thank you. But please, give back Shadow his wings, he wont be able some stuff to vio without them..if you know what I mean....kufufufu..
Thank you Zelda:Princess of Hyrule!

PiscaSan says:

OMG this fic is really good! cont please!!

Shadow-chan says:

I will continue it! It's been month's ever since I added a new chapter, but thats only because the fanfiction moderator hasn't read through my chapter and did not yet approve. Im still waiting.... <:\ I might make a account if this continues.

starfgh/zelda says:

Tell us if you do make an account, we want more!