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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 13: Actions in the Hallways

Damn...41 days since I updated...alittle over a month...I personally apologize for my break. I've been having to get my grades up in school so I go to tutoring, and I have piano practice, and to add to that, very strict unfair parents. Bleh, but thats just excuses. Anyway, I'm vacationing in Japan right now, so yeah, I have alittle time. There is sexual things in this chapter, you no likey? Then walk away. Enjoy another chapter of 'Highschool Days'!

"Wait, what do you mean 'Just Dont'?" Vio took a step back from Zelda.

"I mean, he isn't worth your time. Look at you, with just a look, I can already tell that you have a brilliant mind. He is a troublesome, unnormal kid. I suggest you stay away from him. You should take my advice." Zelda said with mild irritation.

Vio smiled and looked down, "Thats exactly...why I love him. I love that he isn't like the others, you, my friend should understand that. I'll see you later." Vio ran to the door step, "By the way" He whispered "Thanks for the idea..." He ran out the door.

"God Damn the mother F***n Zelda...She honestly thinks she could waltz in and act like she can have whatever boy she wants!" Shadow hissed.

"Can have whoever she it?" Vio smiled and confronted the angry shadow. "Did you really think I would fall for her? Really Shadow?"

"Well you obviously didn't try and hide your affection." Shadow grunted.

Vio chuckled, "I love you Shadow, you only. For now and until eternity."

Shadow looked around for a bit. After confirming no living soul around, he closed in on a kiss.

"Nmph!" Vio closed his eyes tightly.

Shadow sucked on Vio's bottom lip, while, cleverly maneavuring their legs. They slowly backed away until Vio was cornered. Shadow licked his partners lips, making him gasp. He darted forward his tongue and started exploring.

"My my, expressive, are we?" Vaati smiled, holding Green's waist. "Mind if we join in?"

Vio looked up at Vaati, clearly with a lustful and flushed face, "What...a four way?"

Vaati laughed at this, "No, No, we obviously have our partners. Just share the space with you."

Shadow blushed, "Well go on ahead. We called this area though."

"Good enough for me." Green smiled, licking Vaati's lips.

While Shadow and Vio did their thing, Vaati and Green went to their own little corner of love.

But little did they know, someone was watching them.

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