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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 2: PE With the Link's

I'm going to write a warning in every chapter, just to be cautious, I seriously do NOT want to get in trouble. Rated R for Profane language and reference to s*x, so wait till you're older and have a more mature mind. I do not write anything graphic, so to you hardcore yaoi fans, I apologize. Oh and..yeah..this is Yaoi. ShadowXVio and BlueXRed, though this story is more focusing on Shadow and Vio. Green is a loner, so he doesn't get anybody...Okay, just to make sure, if you get any nosebleeds, I am sorry, though you really shouldn't. This ficcy ain't that interesting. I'll write down what their schedual is in school. They all have the same classes.
1. Math
2. Culteral Geography
3. English
4. Lunch time
5. PE
6. Biology
7. Piano Class
"I swear, I'm going to sue that bus driver..." Green mumbled to himself as he walked towards his fith period class, which was sadly...PE. "Goddess, and I'm really hungry! This sucks! I don't even know what we're playing today!" He cursed himself out as he opened the gym door slowly.

Red noticed the gym door opening and turned his head, "Green! You're okay! I was so sure you were going to die!"

"Gee, thanks for having faith in me." He sarcastically answered, chuckling.

"HEADS UP!" Blue threw a ball at Green who got hit in the head. "Today be dodgeball my green friend! And you just got OWNED!"

Green was lying on the ground, dead in the head, but sadly, his body was still alive. "Oh you son of a bitch..." He groaned out.

"BLUE!" Red screamed.

"Ah he's all goo-" Blue was interupted by a hit in the stomach. "Ah shit!"

Shadow confidently smiled at Blue, holding Vio's hand. "You really shouldn't get distracted while during gameplay. Who know's what might happen? Oh and, you're out. Stay by the sidelines." He smiled even wider.

"No violence please!" Red shouted, hoping that his friends would listen.

"We're in PE Red, it's all about people getting hurt! Like that guy there." Blue pointed to Green while walking to the sidelines.

Vio threw another ball at Green, hiting the boy on the arm. "The headshot didn't count, but you're out now." He said in a monotone voice. "So, get out."

" guys suck balls..." Green grunted out.

"Of course I do." Shadow replied happily. "Especially to him." He pointed to Vio.

Vio blushed and hid behind Shadow.

Tsuna, a Skull Kid threw a ball at Vio who was too shocked to do anything. Shadow quickly used his agility and stepped forward and caught it before it hit his beloved.

"You're out." Shadow glared at Tsuna while hugging his Vio from harm.

TWEEEEEEEET! The PE teacher blew the whistle.

"Everyone! Good job! I'll see you guys tomorrow! And for those who got hurt, go to the infirmary!" The PE teacher shouted out.

"Bye Green, back to the nurse for you!" Blue teased.

"Hope you feel better!" Red hoped.

Green slumped his back and walked towards the infirmary again.

Shadow hit Tsuna directly in the stomach, "No one hurts Vio."

"Oh god..." Tsuna groaned, falling to the floor.

Vio stuck his tongue out at Tsuna, "Haha, infirmary for you too!"

"Use that tongue only when you intend to use it." Shadow stated.

Vio was confused for a few seconds, until he finally got what Shadow was talking about. He blushed severly and hid his face. "You have to stop being to horny all the time Shadow."

"Says the one who likes getting F***ed." Shadow chuckled.

"Whatever..." Vio grabbed Shadow's hand and walked to their next class together while getting more fangirl screams.

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kudjiboy says:

dodge ball is so awesome.

Shadow-chan says:

I know right??!! I love to throw and catch! I'm also a pretty good dodger, so this game is A OKAY for me!

kudjiboy says:

yeah, for me, I'm the one who is amazing at dodging, but cant throw to save my life. So I'm usually the last one standing while the other team has like, ten players left. You can imagine what happens next xD

Shadow-chan says:

Really?? Coolies! I hate being the last one in too, especially when theres alot of people on the opposite team. You just get rammed by so many balls! It's fun in the end though xD

hauu13 says:

Oh yay, dodgeball... I'm always the first one out, but that's because I walk right in front of the ball so that I can get hit. But some people throw hard, and I always get hit in the chest or sometimes the face. Anyways good chapter!

Princess of Twilight says:

I suck at dodgeball! XD Good Chapter!^^

Shadow-chan says:

n_n thankyou~

Celestial Reign says:

Wow. Shadow is certainly very verbal about his relationship. biggrin.gif Not that I mind...biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Yet again, loved it! Off to read more! happy.gif