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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 4: What a Day.

Okay, I'm tired of writing warnings. I think writing them for the first three to four chapters is enough for people to notice! So this is the last time I'm writing this! Rated R for profane language and reference to s*x. This is Yaoi. The main couple is Shadow and Vio. Okay? Good.
Shadow elegently walked to a random desk that was unoccupied, not knowing the seating chart of the class, it being the first day of school. He made sure there was a vacant seat next to him just for Vio. He sat down and beckoned Vio to sit next to him. Vio nervously walked over and sat down, offering to hold his hand. He obliged. Next, fixing his hair, looking around the room with his intimidating red eyes until he met the teachers eye, "So, what exactly are we learning today?"

"U-Um, how about you switch this class with another? I don't think I have anything I can teach you." Their teacher pointed out.

"If I switch, can Vio?" Shadow cautiously watched Vio as if he was going to dissapear any minute. His grip tightened on Vio's hand. "Cause if I go, so does Vio."

"Thats absurd, theres no reason for you to stay here because of him. You need to broaden your horizons, how 'bout taking Chemistry? Surely that will benefit you." She offered.

"It's okay Shadow, don't let me ruin your future." Vio murmured sadly to Shadow, not making eye contact.

"Hey! Shadow can help teach your students! It will make your life easier by a whole lot!" Red yelled out.

Blue curiously watched Red, he didn't want some cocky ass guy telling him what and what not to do on a piano. "Ah, but he could- um...could be an annoyance to the class!" He argued.

Shadow's eyes narrowed in hatred. "Blue, for the love of Din, I will torch your ass with magic. It doesn't matter if you're my ally, I will f***in, Torch. Your. Ass." He glared. He took his backpack, searched in it for a few seconds, and took out his black Four Swords. "Anything that separates me and Vio, I will not hesitate to kill."

"Holy shit! You keep the freakin sword with you? We're at school! No need for that stuff now! Gufuu is dead! And for some reason, we were teleported to this strange twenty-first century land!(1) They don't have swords anymore, they have guns Shadow!" Vio took a deep breath.

"It's the first day of school, I didn't know what to expect so I brought it with me just in case!" Shadow argued.

"OH MY GOD! A SWORD! CALL THE PRINICIPAL!" A random student shrieked.

Their teacher screamed, running around in circles, "Children and their violence these days! Our stupid government!"

"Oh my, people in this time-line are pretty messed up in the head huh? And, whats a principal?" Red casually asked, staring at the screaming children. "It's just a sword guys, it's not like it's going to shoot bullets at you." He annoyingly brushed off the situation.

Blue took a step back from the enraged Shadow, "I wasn't looking for trouble guy, I just didn't want anybody telling me what to do!"

"So, you wern't trying to separate me and Vio?"


"Oh, okay. I guess this is just a complete misunderstan-"

"SHADOW KATSUI!" A loud voice boomed from the door.

Red, Blue, and Vio stared at what made such a loud noise while Shadow just kept his back towards the door. Finally, after a few minutes of silence he answered back, "Yeeeees~?"

The man had red blazing hair that was tied back, his skin was a mix of dark brown and green while he had a yellow gem on his forehead. "What are you doing with a sword at school!"

"Hm?" His sword dissapeared in his hand. "A sword? I have no idea what you are talking about. By the way, you look really familiar. Is your name Ganondorf by any chance?"

"My name is Ganon, not Ganondorf. What kind of stupid name is Ganondorf anyway? Guh! Thats not the point! I saw a sword in your hand, and it dissapeared! How did you do that?!" He roared out, nostrils flaring.

"I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." He smirked, "A sword dissapearing from my hands? I think you need to rest for a few minutes cause your eyes are playing tricks on you."

" DETENTION! " He roared.

Vio gasped. He quickly thought of an idea, "You and your ugly ass can go back to the office cause no one wants you here!" He threw a pencil at Ganon. Who knew he was such a rebel?

" DETENTION FOR YOU TOO! " He roared again.

Red and Blue simultaneously screamed, "Don't you give them detention you son of a bitch! We fought with our lives to save Hyrule and this is how you repay us? Just go f*** yourself and leave them alone!"

Now he had large veins on the side of his head, "DETENTION FOR ALL FOUR OF YOU!"

"Hey, what did I miss?" Green peeked from the door in complete confusement."

" DETENTION FOR YOU! " He yelled louder.

"Wait what?! Why?" Green asked, shocked out of his mind.

"Because you look like them!"

"Thats not fair!" Green countered.

"Do you WANT detention?!" He screamed again.

"You already gave me DETENTION!"

"WHAT IS A DETENTION ANYWAY?" Blue shouted, trying to be louder then Ganon.

"God this sucks." Green sulked in his chair. All five of them were in a small room, just the five of them, no one else. "First day of school and we get detention. Actually let me rephrase that. ALL of us got detention!"

"I don't think this is going to look good on our permanent records..." Red sighed.

Blue looked around the room lazily, "Well, at least it's all five us of instead of just one of us."

Vio had his head on the desk with a giant sweat drop, "I cussed out the Principal-"

"For me." Shadow finished his sentence, grinning.

They all sighed. "What a day." They all thought.
Tsuna woke up from a small nap that he took in the infirmary, "Hello? Green?" He looked around innocently, having no idea where Green was. "Hello? Anybody?"
(1) Well, thats basically how they ended up in 'our' world. After they killed Ganon and Gufuu and all those evil asses, they were warped into seperate houses of the twenty-first century. They all had parents, except Shadow and Vio. They somehow ended up in a house together, alone. Destiny led them all to a park at the same time, and thats when they decided to stick together once again in the strange parallel world. Each of them registered to the same school, so I guess it works out for them. They were teleported right after the school year ended, so they had the summer to figure out what exactly was going on. They adapted to the new life, but still kept all their weapons and experiences from the old life.

I hope that clears things up a bit. *sweat drops*

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kudjiboy says:

I guess you can stop saying that its yaoi, if you want. You have clearly labled it in 5 different plaes, and thats good enough. But if you do decide to write something, erm, more (if you get my drift) I would suggest to give a little warning.

Shadow-chan says:

Well, I'm not really good at writing *cough cough* (You get my drift ) really graphically and stuff...but if in time, I choose to. I will indeed write a warning. A warning so exact, that a yaoi-hating monkey will even walk away.

Link_Rules_All says:

hey yo my ficcys been updated. oh and i need help describing a s*x scene without haveing to use exstensive use of the f bomb. plz help, and plz drop the advice under my ficcy, plz and thank you.

Princess of Twilight says:

Haha! I love how Green 'earned' his detention. XD

kudjiboy says:

Yeah, Greens 'earned' detention is pretty hilarious xD

Shadow-chan says:

x3 well, I thought it would be kinda funny, since they all look alike, so I was like, aw what the hell! Give Green detention too xD

Celestial Reign says:

Wow. Poor, unsuspecting Green. That was SO funny, by the way. biggrin.gif

Oh, the way you depict Shadow...I feel like I could walk up to him on the street, ask him how his day was, and he'd start telling me all the things he did to Vio and I'd just...kinda...sit there...listening intently...biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif:D