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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 5: Karma is a Bitch

Ganon walked through the detention doors and spoke in a soft, nice voice, "Now, is it a coincidence that you five all look alike, get in trouble, have weapons in your backpack(1), and get a detention from me?" By the time he finished his sentence, his voice was more rough.

Blue casually looked up from his desk and answered with a smirk, "Well, it wouldn't have been much of a coincidence if your ugly ass didn't give us detention, confiscate our backpacks, and you have no authority to make us tell you why we look alike becaus-"

"Because then we would have to kill you." Shadow finished. "Maaan, there are secrets even YOU wouldn't want to know, so I suggest you keep your mouth shut" Shadow leaned back in his chair. "Oh and, don't think that you got ALL our weapons." Shadow raised his sleeves and out of nowhere, a mace fell down.

"What the! When I took off your clothes earlier I didn't see that!" Vio was shocked.

Everybody was staring at him for the longest time in an awkward silence. It was Green who banged his head loudly on his desk, disrupting the silence.

"You had s*x on the school GROUNDS?!" Ganon yelled.

"Damn, you look angry...maybe I shouldn't tell you...but we actually did it in the bathroom...somebody might have already slipped on Vio's ***.

Vio literally just died on the desk.

Red looked at Vio, "Vio? VIO!" He shook him violently. "Don't follow the light!" He was now sobbing.

Ganon gave them all a 'WTF' look.

Blue searched in his pocket and took out a bottle. He opened the bottle and a small pink fairy flew out and searched for who needed healing. It soon found Vio and circled around him, dissapearing in the process. "There all better."

Green got up from his chair, "Permission to leave detention?"

"Permission denied." Shadow answered for Ganon. He twirled his finger in the air and suddenly, the door leading out of detention was covered in black chains. "Cause, we can't let anybody leave until we give this bastard what he deserves."

Green gave Shadow a content smile and nodded. Same with Red and Blue. Vio still had his face planted on his desk.

"Seriously, fairies? Swords? Maces? Magic? What exactly ARE you?!" Ganon took a step back.

"The fools who will completely destroy your life!" Red answered cheerfully.

"Yes, but don't worry. It's not like we're going to kill you anything." Blue assured. "Just going to make your life as Principal very, very horrible. Now that said, Red, use your fire rod."

"Okay!" Red smiled and took out his fire rod from his pocket. "Fire Rod!" Making sure that he didn't burn the whole school down, he only summoned a small ember which now flickered at one of the corners. The ember hit the wall, and a small place was now currently burning.

Shadow telepathically told Red, Blue, and Green to wait by the door. After they followed his orders, he took of the magic black chains. The three of them ran out, leaving Shadow, Vio, and Ganon. "Memories disintegrate(2)!" Shadow pointed his finger at Ganon's head. A small flicker of black magic found its way to Ganon, making him unconsious. Shadow now picked up Vio bridal style and dashed out of the room.

It was a few minutes later that Ganon snapped back into reality, "What the HELL?" He saw a now moderately sized fire on the clasroom corner. "Who did this?!" He ran to get a fire extinguisher.

"Hmmm, I'm totally lost..." Tsuna was walking in the hallway. He peeked his head into one of the classrooms and unluckly, it was the detention room. "Holy CRAP!" He screamed, taking note on the fire. "Oh shit! Oh shit!" He panicked and fainted.

"The hell?" Ganon accidently kicked the dazed out Tsuna on the head. He ignored him and took out the fire.

1: Ganon took all their backpacks and each of them had a weapon, even Vio. Shadow with a sword, Blue with a hammer, Red with a sword, Green with his boomerang, and Vio with his bow and arrows.
2: 'Memory disintegrate' is a random spell I made up that destroys all the memories of things that happened in the past thirty minutes.

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Link_Rules_All says:

"Holy CRAP!" that's funny, even though i only read the bottom of the page. anyways my ficcy is updated.

kudjiboy says:

awesome! lol, Vio died of embarassment xD

Shadow-chan says:

xD yeah. Vio "died"

Celestial Reign says:

Wow...I can SO picture that at the beginning. Poor Vio. >< *pats head*

Oh, I also LOVE Shadow carrying him away bridal style. *dies* It'd be cute to see some kissing scenes with them...and maybe with some chocolate involved...

Oh. Sorry. Perverted mind ran off. biggrin.gif Still love your story! It's so cute! happy.gif