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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 6: A Home with Problems

The Link's ran out of the school and met at the flagpole. They quickly agreed to sleep over at Vio and Shadow's house and started heading there. Green, Red, and Blue all called their parents and got their consent.

"Dude, seriously, should we have done that?" Green kicked a pebble, watching it fly far. "That was our principle, we caused a fire, and destoryed the detention room." He did an overdramatic sigh.

Shadow snickered, "I made him loose his memory." He rocked Vio like a baby in his arms.

"I doubt that will do anything." Vio answered seriously, his eyes narrowing while his mind drifted into a thinking thought. "Today was the first day of school, we were the only ones in detention. They're going to suspect us no matter what."

Red gasped, "You're...RIGHT! Oh my god! We're totally dead men! We're dead men walking!"

"Calm down Red. Look, if you think this logically, they did indeed see the fire, but they can't prove that it's us. The fire COULD have started before we came, and since we saw the fire, we ran out. Do we all agree on that 'fact'?" Blue winked. The others agreed to his plan, but just to make sure, they were going to go through this step by step without any loop holes. Vio, being the smartest thought EVERYTHING through.

"We got detention in Piano class, then headed towards the detention room. We walked in on a small fire on the corner and ran away. We have to agree to say that we were stupid not to put out the fire though, cause then they will question us. Red, you are in charge of using your big eyes and sad face to make them feel as guilty as possible. You absolutely MUST stare into their eyes. Blue, you look down on the floor and look guilty. Green, make a frownly face and don't look them in the eyes. Shadow, keep quiet, cause I know you're rebellious. I will be the one answering them, cause I'm the best at being calm in a bad situation. Everybody understand their positions?" Vio took a deep breath. Everybody nodded. "Good, remember, we have nothing to hide. Just go through this idea and I promise you that we wont get busted."

"If Vio says so, I must agree." Shadow intelligently nodded and rubbed his temple.

"We agree too!" Red and Blue both cheered.

"I still wonder how the hell you guys are supposed to be a part of me..." Green rolled his eyes.

After a few minutes of silence, they reached Shadow and Vio's house. Vio and Shadow didn't even need to point out their house, because it was VERY noticable. Their house was the only one that was completely black, despite the purple curtains that were visible from the outside. It was depressed looking, but the atmosphere was normal.

"The inside is not as depressing as you think, so don't go assuming things before you even walk in. I happen to love our house. It's all about being unique." Shadow glared, noticing the twitches in his comrads eyes.

They walked in, and as they said, it wasn't THAT depressing. Actually it was quite nice. It looked small from the outside, but the house was huge on the inside. It was decorated nicely, lavender wall paper with golden roses, white marble tiles, a...CHANDELIER?

Vio saw the shocked looks on his friends faces, excluding Shadow. "Yeah yeah, I know. It was already here when we were teleported. We didn't install it or anything, so don't get the wrong idea."

"Ooookay..." Green confusedly stared all around their house.

"Common! Lets talk in the living room!" Shadow grabbed their arms and dragged them to the living room. The living room also had some nice qualities. The couches (They have three) were black, they had a HD plasma screen T.V, (Sixty-two inches, mind you) the carpet was black and extremely fluffy, and there they were...the purple curtains.

"HOLY SHIT! Thats a HUGE T.V!" Blue gasped. "I swear, you have to let me come over during basketball and football seasons! PLEASE! Have mercy on thy soul!" Blue begged on his knees.

"Sure, you can borrow our house in the summer if you want, turns out, we have a beach house in Hawaii." Shadow sneered, knowing that they were extremely jealous.

Red's mouth was wide open in complete awe. "How come you live in paradise while we have to live with parents?!"

Vio's face turned serious. "Be happy you have someone that takes care of you, makes you food, and is always there for you. Me and Shadow both take care of eachother, it's harder for us, not having much experience with this world, but we make it work. Stop your whinning. Who ever lived here before us, must have known we were coming because they would have no reason to let two strangers take over their house. You guys actually have parents that own the house. Me and Shadow try our best to not use anything too big or damage anything cause that makes us feel exeedingly guilty." Vio jerked his head away and stormed up the stairs.

"D-did I say something wrong...?" Red's eyes were tearing up.

Shadow took a deep sigh, "No, don't blame yourself. It's just that Vio always envied families. This once and a lifetime chance to teleport in a new world made him realize that he could of had parents like you guys. He was wrong. He's just really jealous of you guys...Just don't mention anything like that around him. When he discovered he had no parents in this world, I had to hold him for hours, hug him in his sleep for days, then he got sick, so I had to take care of him after that too." Shadow stared at the ground sadly. His eyes then glowed a bright crimson red, "Don't you dare hurt Vio like that again, even if it is an accident. I will hurt you, even you Red." Shadow threatened.

Green, Red, and Blue took a large step back from the enraged Shadow. "Okay. We promise not to talk about that infront of Vio." They all whimpered out, even Blue.

"Good, now I'm going to go cheer up Vio. Make yourselves comfortable." Shadow ran up the stairs to his beloved.

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kudjiboy says:

Awwwwww, poor Vio! I feel bad for him!

Link_Rules_All says:

hey i sent you an e-mail for more help with a battle scene. kays? oh yeah and this is good, well this chapter anyways, i'm not one for modernizing Hyrule, but this chapter was acceptable.

Shadow-chan says:

>.< Yeah...alittle angst in the story. It's all good though, Shadow is going to cheer him up. Thanksies Kudjiboy!
And LRA, Yeah, I'll help you right after you give me the names of the people fighting. (Sorry I didn't reply to your e-mail earlier!)
Modernizing Hyrule is soooooo new to me, Sorry if you don't like modern Hyrule =(...

Link_Rules_All says:

o.k. names of pepole fighting. God Link, and WW Ganondorf.

Shadow-chan says:

Alright! I'll work on it right now!

Celestial Reign says:

Aww. Poor Vio. *hugs*

Grr...I'm losing sleep over this...T_T *points* It's all your fault! biggrin.gif Joking. I love it! Every chapter is like candy for me. smile.gif