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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 7: Fairy Madness

Red's back slumped against one of the black couches. He looked at Green and Blue sadly and murmered, " Vio went through alot without us...but he always looked content when we met him during the Summer..."

"This is Vio we're talking about. He'll heal in no time...Right?" Green nudged Blue's shoulder whos attention was still stuck on the humongous T.V. "Blue! Have you no heart? Vio is upstairs crying, and you just want to watch T.V?"

Blue gave Green a confused look, "I'm not worried for Vio. He can take care of himself, I mean, he isn't exactly a person to rely on others much, ya know?" Everyone agreed. "And plus, Shadow asked us to become comfortable. I'm just doing what he says, sheesh." Blue rolled his eyes dramatically and clicked the T.V on.

"Vio! I know you're in there!" Shadow was banging his hand on their bedroom door. "Let me in!"

"...The door isn't locked..." An ominous wind blew the words into Shadow's ears. Shadow calmly reached his hand down and opened the door. 'Huh...It really wasn't locked...' He thought. The door opened its self right after Shadow gave it a small push. Shadow's eyes peeled open as he saw Vio lying on their bed in the most uke-ish position he ever saw. "V-Vio..."

Vio smiled, "Hello Shadow. Care to play with me?" He twirled his golden hair with his finger.

"Vio, you're not healthy...You're just clinically depressed." Shadow didn't move from the doorway.

"Clinically, shmitically, does it matter?" Vio gave Shadow a playful look. "Come to me, Shadow." He beckoned.

Shadow gave a dissapointing look, "Vio, you're better then this. S*x isn't going to help you run away from the truth and reality."

Vio's pretty face became a scowl, "You know nothing."

"Thats what you said last time, but I healed you didn't I?" Shadow countered.

"If you say you healed me, then why am I in this situation? Huh? Tell me Shadow!"

Shadow tightly shut his eyes, he never liked being yelled by Vio. He walked forward to his love and sat besides him on the bed. "We all know I'm not the best peron to heal someone, I just try my best..." His hands traveled up Vio's legs and caressed the insides of his thigh.

Vio's scowl dissapeared and was replaced by a content face, along with a slight blush. " changed your mind?"

"How can I not? You're lying here on the bed. It's obvious that you want me." His face became a dark smirk. He changed his position so that he was towering over Vio. "Now..." His voice changed and became full of lust. "Lets begin..."

The three were bored out of their mind, that is until they found a Wii.

"Zelda Twilight Princess? Why is our princesses name on this white container?" Green popped open the CD case quickly. "Oh and look, theres a CD in here too."

"Put the CD in! Put it in!" Red urged.

Blue got his hands on the instruction manual and began reading. "Wow, this guy's name is also Link! He looks alot older though, and the graphics seem amazing! It's more advanced then real life graphics! (Since they ARE cell-shaded.)

They all watched the T.V screen as the Wii menu appeared. "Dude, wheres the Wiimote?" Green was searching around until he heard a click that the game has started. He saw that Red had the wiimote and was able to control the pointer.

"Woah! We're on a horse!" Red's eyes were gleaming. "Huh? Press A and B together? I see A, but where the hell is B?" He was randomly pushing all the buttons until the Home menu showed up.

"Aw crap, you broke it Red." Blue grumbled.

"Just give it to me." Green grabbed the Wiimote. He pressed the Home button again and the menu dissapeared. Then he pressed A and B together. "Oh look, we're at the start up menu...What do you guys want to use as a name?"

"Blue!" Blue eagerly yelled.

"Red!" Red chirped.



"Blue Damnit!"


"Okay, Green." Green typed up his name.

"....Bastard..." Blue stuck his tongue out.

"Now, name of horse?" Green asked.

"I think we should just leave it as Epona! It's a pretty name." Red smiled.

"Okay...Epona then." Green agreed.

Suddenly, they heard creaks above them, coming from the bedroom. They all stared at eachother and gave a disgusted face.

"Is it what I think it is?" Blue slowly asked.

"Oh god!" Red screamed. He grabbed the T.V remote and upped the volume.

Green was twitching, due to the VERY loud nose from the T.V. The soothing melody of the fairy fountain (The start up menu music in Zelda) was now banging in his ears mercifully.

The Zelda menu music being so damn loud, after an hour, they all started to go insane. Green was on the floor, clutching his knees, crying for his mommy. Red was ripping one of the sofa pillows apart, and Blue was banging his head on the wall, making a giant hole, along with many cracks.

After a few more minutes of the death music, Shadow and Vio skipped down the stairs, both with a VERY happy face...that is until they saw their comrads acting very strangely. " What the hell?" Shadow stared at them. Vio stood there for a second and then ran and turned off the T.V.

"Oh lord, my savior! Let thou take me to the heavens forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and eve-" Shadow slapped Green. Green shook his head and stared up at Shadow wearily, "Dude...for the love of Hyrule...please remind me never to enter a fairy fountain..."

Shadow gave Green a 'Wtf, why did you turn the volume so high' look. He didn't get an answer, so he just said, "Okay..." Not changing his weirded out facial expression.

"Shadow! A little help!" Red was growling at Vio, who was on all four legs. The feathers from the pillow made it seem like he had rabies. "I think Red's lost it!"

Shadow sighed, he took out a Twix bar. "Here boy, here boy!" Red's attention snapped and ran up to the chocolate heaven. "There, Red's all better. Now, what about..." He pointed to Blue.

Vio walked up to blue and karate chopped his neck, making him fall unconscious. "All done."

"I don't think they should come over to our house anymore...or more likely, I don't think they would want to..." Shadow stated. Vio agreed without a doubt.

Comments on this chapter

Princess of Twilight says:

This chapter made me laugh so hard!!! XD I loved the scene with the Wii!!XD Great job!

Legends_awaiting says:

And I thought I sucked playing TP on the wii.(when we had that version) Will they ever play 4 swords? xD

Shadow-chan says:

Yeah, It hit me. If they were bored and if they were in a rich house, they might as well find a Wii! xD THank you!
Yeah LA, I suck at TP too, though it's a very very awesome game. And YES! They will indeed play 4 swords. But the order of the games they are going to play are, TP, FS, TWW, and PH.

hauu13 says:

Well, I'd hate to see the outcome of the Links playing FS (it'd be like a freaking paradox). Very funny chapter! I wonder how the Links would react to movies... Why do I want to see Red's reaction to the Predator series, am I evil?

Shadow-chan says:

o__o I never watched Predator....if you give me some info about it, I'll see what I can do. Sounds like a scary movie xD
Yeah...Four's going to be freaking insane, but thats why I wanna write it lol!
No my are not evil. You just have a personality that alot of people don't accept. A.K.A evil xD

hauu13 says:

Sure! Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on the Predator aliens, if you want the wiki article for the franchise you can find a link to a seperate article on it from here:

Insanity is fun! Along with pyro stuff.

So I am evil, but I'm not... That's a paradox, yes indeed.

Shadow-chan says:

Okay..I took like, a 30 second glance at the link you gave me. So...aliens kill humans and stuff and hunt other creatures?
I love pyrokenisis...FIRE!! Bwahaha!
And my friend...are a paradox.

hauu13 says:

Yes, they do, and they do it for sport. Sort of like humans and big game hunting. (And the aliens are refered to as Predators)

Pyrokenisis is fun, and I love it!

Yay, I'm a paradox! Wait, is that good? XD

Celestial Reign says:

Oh dear. I'm crying again, I'm laughing so darn hard. You seem to have an exceptional ability to make me do that even if I don't want to. ^^

Wow. I forgot that you were able to name the horse for a second there. I actually named the horse after myself one time, so it was like...Link was...riding me...O_o *coughs and goes to crawl in a hole* I'm a perv, I'm a perv, I'm a perv...

cuttielink404 says:

i know y green hates the fairy fountain, because the fairy is so dang ugly