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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 8: An enemy from the past

*whistles* Wow...15 days since I added a chapter. Highschool is eating my ass alive.

Shadow and Vio smiled sheepishly, swaying their heads in unison. The rest of them sat on a seperate couch, eyeing them weirdly. Shadow looked around, spotting their Wii. "You guys played a game?"

A nerve twitched in Green and he got up from the couch. "I- Um, Gotta go."

"Us too..." Blue and Red also got up, following Green.

"Huh? Why the sudden leave?" Vio questioned.

Green smiled genuinly, "We just think it's best if you guys are alone for a while."

Shadow raised his eyebrows, "Whuddya mean?"

"Um, I don't really know either...I think my brain is thinking of a pathetic excuse to leave your house...Hey, what has no 3D shape, always with someone, has no pulse, and has no cells, but is alive?"

Vio thought for a minute, "A shadow? Hey!" Green and the rest were already out the door, leaving him and Shadow.
School 2nd day.

The intercom went on, doing their usual morning speeches, "Good morning hylians! As of today, the Piano class is now switched to Marching band due to the plead of the use of other instruments. Now students, please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.
I pledge allegiance, to the triforce, of the united nations of Hyrule,
And to the democracy, to which we stand, one nation, under Goddesses, indevisable, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you, you may now be seated. On additional notice, Harada Blue, Tsuki Green, Aka Red, Yanai Vio, and Katsui Shadow, please report to the office.

"Aw shit, just what we need!" Green groaned loudly, disrupting the whole class.

Vio was already by the door, beckoning his friends to come. Shadow sighed, along with Blue and stood up, following their violet twin. Red reluctantly stood up, accidentally knocking down his chair. Green was left sitting on the desk, eyeing his comrads. "If you don't come, I'll bite you to death." Shadow telepathically told Green. At this, Green stood up and rushed to the door, knowing that Shadow wasn't kidding.

As they walked out the door, all the kids started "Ooing" them (1). At this, Shadow and Blue gave one of their most menacing glares. The students shut up immediately, except one. "Haha, who da hell getz in trouble on da first days of school?" He mocked them.

"Idiots like you who can't even speak correctly should just shut their petty little mouths before you say something even more stupid, making you look like a dumbass." Vio twirled his golden locks before leaving the room.

Shadow took a glance at the boy who Vio was speaking to, closed his eyes quickly and opened them, revealing a luminous deadly red. "AHH!" The boy screamed. He was clutching his head painfully as a trickle of blood escaped his ears.

"Heh." Shadow smiled and walked away.

Frightened, Red hugged Blue's arm as they walked away together. Green silently apologized to the class and left, closing the door silently.

The group walked through the hallways as if they were the mafia. Each of them had perfect posture and Blue tightened an imaginary tie on his neck. Their shoes were the only thing heard in the hallways, echoing their footsteps. Blue suddenly turned around alarmed.

"Who the hell is there!" Blue growled, more like a forced answer instead of an actual question.

"Kufufu." A very familiar red eye peaked out of a dark corner. "You have the scenses of a monk." The figure gracefully showed himself.

"V-Vaati!" Red shrieked.

"Huh? How do you know my name?" Vaati cocked his head in confusement.

" Oh yeah, we're in the future...Just because they look like someone, doesn't mean they are who we think they are..." Green thought.

"Sorry, you just looked like someone we knew." Vio brushed off the situation and kept on walking away. "Common guys, we need to get to the office soon."

"Okay..." Green caught up to Vio. The rest eyed Vaati suspiciously but also brushed off the situation, following Vio.
(1) You know that annoying sound kids do when someone get in trouble? Yeah, thats what I'm talking about.

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kudjiboy says:

ugh, I hate that sound they make >.> Just last week I got called down to the office, and they were all 'oooooooo! You got in trouble!" and I'm just like, "Shut up!" yeeeaaahhhh good chapter!

kentill(linksdaughter) says:

LOL, Mafia, good story, uh, um, so, like, yah.

finale note:i think finale wrong...or did i? what ev' great story1

Shadow-chan says:

Yeah, they annoy the hell out of me!! It's just that they will never understand how to correctly insult a person.
Um, I don't know whether that is a comment or not. With all the studdering. But oh well, I'll make the assumption that it was a good comment. Thanks you guys!

Princess of Twilight says:

I got called to the office cuz I forgot something and they were going to give it to me, but everyone thought I got in trouble so they were all like "OoOoOoOo!!!" Ugh...I hate when they do that. >< Anyways, great chapter!^^

Link_Rules_All says:

YO!!! just wanted to tell you that my ficcys been updated twice, and i submitted a chapter with an improved s*x scene.

Celestial Reign says:

Oooohhh...I want Shadow's ear-bleeding ability! *smiles really big* Wait...does that make me a sadist? Well, I DID write that torture fic, so...I guess it does!

Still loved it, by the way! happy.gif *hugs story*