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Highschool Days

By Shadow-chan
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Chapter 9: Princess in the house!

Shadow lazily looked around the hallway, taking note on each 'Welcome back to School!' poster. He scoffed at the horribly drawn images they portrayed and then ignored them. "Ya know," he stated, "I never liked Vaati. Not then, not now."

"Hm? How can you say that now? We don't even know what he's like this time. I mean sure, the Vaati we all know and love tried to kill us and almost destroy his race, but hell, who knows. He might be different this time." Green commented, blowing a stray hair out of his face.

Blue released a chuckle, "Sure, he WAS a dick. But in some freaky way, what if we're not in a different dimension, but in a different timeline? If we make friends with him now, maybe he would have ended up being our friend in the past too." He finished his sentence with a soft breath.

"Blue, are you telling me that you want to make allies?" Red spoke in a surprised voice.

"Well, yeah I guess. I mean, Vaati was such a lonely person, all that he wanted was to be recongnized. If we recognized him in the past and actually became his friend, we wouldn't have had to go through all that trouble, not to mention that Shadow would have never 'died' ". Blue smiled genuinely.

Shadow immediately halted after hearing Blue, turning his angry gaze to him. "I wouldn't have existed if Vaati never liked you guys. Sure, Ganondorf was the one who created me, but Gufuu was the one who released me." He hissed.

Vio turned his head to the other Link's, his eyes were in a bored state but his lavender irises glowed faintly. He opened his mouth and the Link's knew that Vio was going to say a very long statement, but this time they were wrong. Two simple words blew from his lips. "Shut up." After his quiet command, he returned to walking.

The rest of the Link's, excluding Vio, stared at eachother for a long time.

"Well, common guys!" Green snapped, noticing that Vio was already a good fifteen feet infront of them. They all abruptedly started fast-walking, soon catching up to Vio.

It was a few minutes until they reached the principals office, it being a very large school. Before entering, Vio placed his Hylian ears on the door, listening to their conversation inside.

"Well I don't give a rats ass! I know those kids started the fire!" An all familiar voice was heard. Ganon.

"B-but sir! You have no memory of such a thing! How can you accuse such innocent boys?" A very soft, shy, and pretty voice was then heard.

By now, everyone had their ears to the door. Shadow and Green gasped, their pupils narrowing further then they already were.

"P-princess...Zelda." They both studdered simultaneously.

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Celestial Reign says:

Oh, you MUST update soon! ohmy.gif Don't leave your poor readers with such a cliffhanger! ><

Celestial Reign says:

Eeek. I don't know if my comment got up or not. O_o Well, if it didn't, LOVED the chapter! You must write more! happy.gif

Shadow-chan says:

^^; Dont worry, I will write soon!I've just been busy with school work and stuff. I'll try and write one chapter tonight!

Celestial Reign says:

Yay! I can't wait! happy.gif happy.gif