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the return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati!!! and then the uter deafeat of them too. LOL XD!!! mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

By Link_Rules_All
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Chapter 1: Ganondorf Returns!!!

author's note: i will put additional notes, and descriptions of characters that are still in the designing stage at the end of each chapter.

It has been five years since Link, the Hero of Winds, deafeated the evil Ganondorf, and sealed Hyrule under the sea. Or so he thought. He was in his cabin with his wife Tetra, when Tetra said "Link-kun i have something to tell you."

"What is it Tetra-chan?" asked Link.

"There is another Hyrule, it's the Hyrule we saved, only it's above sea." said Tetra.

"What!?!" screamed Link.

"Yeah and there are two of me, only my twin is only Zelda, not the Pirate counterpart you know and love." she said.

"And your telling me this now why?" asked Link slowly.

"Because i sense that Ganondorf has been realesed from his stone prison, and the Master Sword is hidden on the ship" said Tetra "O.K. so it's in the secret compartment below our wardrobe." she added.

"O.K. so i'm getting it now." said Link opening the secret compartment, that led to where Link, and Tetra's most prized posessions were. Here he found the Master Sword, lieing on the ground. "you seriously put on the ground?" asked Link with a look of disbelief, on his face.[/b]

"Uh is that bad?" asked Tetra laughing nervously.

"It's a Sacred Sword, how dare you mistreat it!!!" screamed Link. "Yeah well, my other sibling, a boy, is in the other Hyrule, he was a Pirate, but he ditched us, and he wrote to me saying he needs our help." "Oh well then let's go." said Link.


In the other Hyrule...

Green was walking back and forth along the halls of Hyrule Castle out of boredom, ever since him and his friends, four of them being gay, not in the sense like happy, but in the other sense meaning well you know, or so he thought, deafeated Vaati the Wind Sorrcer, he was totally bored because they were sealed back inside the Four Sword. so he decided to go to the Shrine of the Four Sword to realease his friends.


at the Four Sword Shrine...

"Well here i go." said Green as he pulled the Four Sword, which he actually called the Six Sword, since Naranu Karana Rasara, the creator of the Four Sword, appeared with a sixth Sword, the Purity Blade, and a Four Sword\Elemental Blade. when he pulled the blade form the Pedastal three of his four friends appeared. his friends, Blue, Red, and Vio, all started cheering, then Vio looked around and asked "Where's Shadow-Chan? " then he started crying...

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Link_Rules_All says:

well i'm just awaiting comments now.

Shadow-chan says:

Vio started crying? o____O Well, if it's for Shadow, then I guess it's acceptable lol.

Link_Rules_All says:

thank you Shadow-chan. and yes i feel the same way about Vio crying, if he ever crys then it's only for Shadow.

Legends_awaiting says:

...wait doesn't '-chan' work for girls and '-kun' for guys. ;lo_o.gif

Shadow-chan says:

Legends_awaiting, some guys use 'chan' to sometimes show who's less dominant in the relationship. Meaning that in this case, Shadow is the Uke, and Vio is the Seme, I guess. If you don't know what Uke and Seme means, Seme= Dominant. Uke= Less dominant/more innocent. Oh by the way, LRA, I can't wait to read more =)!

Link_Rules_All says:

yeah i'm waiting for the next ch. to be aproved. update.gif

Legends_awaiting says:

Oh! l;XD.gif Thanks for clearing that up Shadow-chan.

Link_Rules_All says:

horror.gif i just realized something!!! three chapters from now there's gonna be lotsa s*x!!! amazing.gif i don't think anyone's gonna welcome that openly. i hear ficcys with that in it never get read past that part, unless its by a perv. not that i am one WHICH I'M NOT!!! I'M A TEENAGER OF COURSE I THINK ABOUT THAT!!! anyways i'm gonna get bad bad reviews cuz of that. amazing.gif

Link_Rules_All says:

i remembered something else too. there are a bunch of my OCs' from my other ficcys. l;0_o.gifamazing.gif is that a good idea?l;unsure.gif and on a random note: NCIS RULES!!! the show i mean, not the actual NCIS...

Legends_awaiting says:


Link_Rules_All says:

I NO!!! update.gif

Princess of Twilight says:

Awww!!! Vio-kun was crying!!!! Poor Vio-kun T^T...and NCIS is awesome! Go Abby!