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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: shadow's war

By mariogirl411
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Chapter 1: Sell soul

"Mom?" A 6-year-old boy in white pants and a white shirt asked the limp body as it lay there on the cold throne room floor. Moments before, a big tough soldier with silver armor too a sharp sword and slit her throat. Of course, Alexander had not fully understood what had happened: all he knew was something was wrong with her. Confused tears trickled down his soft tan cheek, booming laughter echoed through the bright white throne room. The source: The king, queen, 3 princesses, and 4 princes. Alexander looked at them all all and started crying even more. He looked back at his mother and stroked her black hair. Then a soldier grabbed him by the spike of his white hair and tossed him in the streets. The corpse of his only parent was tossed on top of him.

"AHHHHHH!" Alexander screamed, the blood of her body all over him, her pupils eyes looking into his own ruby eyes. He shut his eyes and lay there: frightened, sorrowed, and alone. Everyone just past by as if they were just part of the side walk, Alexander felt like he was dead. And then his thoughts traveled.

How could my brother abandon us. How could they just walk right past me. How could the goddesses just let this happen!? He thought in rage and in no other emotion. Right now, he hated everything that existed. His brother, all the people in Hyrule, and the gods. Images of his twin brother pushed their way into his closed eyes, filling in the darkness: his ;light complexion, his green tunic that was held to his skinny stomach by a brown belt that had a shiny gold buckle, his slightly long(it went down to his chin and the top partly covered his left eye) hair, his crystal blue eyes, his white pants, and his rough brown boots. He hated each detail of his maternal twin, he balled a fist and gritted his teeth at the young boy who was the attention of his mom. Yet he did not hate HER.

"H-Help!" He finally yelled in rage and frustration. He still did not open his eyes to see the stinky corpse but he was still shivering in utmost fear. Suddenly, the heavy weight on him ceased and his bones stopped crushing, his airways opened once again, and the slow suffocation stopped. Alexander turned on his belly and but both hands on the cobble stone street. He gathered his strength and pulled himself up. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a black cloaked man. He looked fat and had a hunched over back. The polite Alexander tried to peer in to see his face but the shadow prevented it.

"Ummm, thanx. But...Bye."Alexander said with a creepy hiss still in his back. Alexander turned to leave but the path he was going vanished with a dark wind. It blew against him, he put his right foot behind him for balance, his arms crossed in front of him for more balance. The man behind him merely blinked. Alexander opened his eyes again and saw the worst thing imaginable for a kid his age (beside homework):A dark sky with a bloody moon, a blood-stained dirt floor, blood trees with people hanging from them, and his mother being chopped with and ax from head to toe, the blood splashing the "grim reaper".

"GEAHHHHH!"Alexander yelled in pure terror. He fell to the floor covered his eyes, and huddled in a ball. He began sobbing uncontrollably. The man grabbed him by his white sleeved shoulders and picked him up to his feet. Alexander sniveled and looked in the dark replacement for a face.

"do you wish to bring her back? Do you wish to destroy your brother?" The fat man asked in a hissing tone that peirced his ears. He nodded and balled up his fists. "All I need is your soul,"

"My...soul? Okay."He said as if it was nothing. The black hooded man took his and ripped it through his heart. Alexander's eyes bulged and he put his hand on his heart and watched the dark blood turn black, drip down, and land on the bloody floor. He made chocking sounds as the pain rose to his throat. The man chucked him to the tree that had 10 naked hung people.

"Do you wish

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