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Five Heroes to The Past

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 1: Warped Time

It was a beautiful day as my teammates and I search around for any enemies. “Hey, hey, maybe they’re all gone?” Red spoke up, making the rest of the team except me wonder about the same thing.
“Oh, c’mon, that’s just silly.” I said, shaking my head and getting some blond hair in my face, “Every time it’s night, those Skelechildren appear.”
“..Green’s right, so there MUST still be some other enemies here.” Vio predicted, glancing around. I sighed greatly and looked again, because whenever Vio predicts something, normally, he’s right. He was always the smartest in the group, and I never liked it, but I deal with it, none the less. “You and your predictions are gettin’ annoying!” Blue shouted, making me glare at him. That’s just like Blue. I thought, shaking my head and moving on with the search. “W-wait!” Shadow suddenly spoke up, holding out his hand so we would stop. “…What is it, Shadow?” I asked, looking to him and tilting my head a bit.
“…A portal to the past has opened… leaving five young heroes behind…” He said, closing his eyes.
“…‘A portal to the past’? What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, trying to find where Shadow sensed the portal. Shadow sensed a portal? How odd, normally he just senses something evil coming. I thought, scratching my head, as I tried to figure out why this happened.
“Okay, it’s nearly lunch-time! I have an idea. While I make your lunch, you go hide somewhere, and I’ll find you when it’s ready!” A young woman said, as five children cheered happily. As soon as the woman left the room, the child wearing green stood up. “I know the pewfect spot to hide! I found it while adventuwing awound!” He said, as he walked towards a door and motioned for the others to follow.
“A-awe you suwe about this, Gween? It’s dawk and scawy…” A child wearing red shivered greatly.
“That’s what makes it all the better to check out!” The child in blue ran ahead before Baby Green stopped him.
“Now now Bwue, it’s silly to wun off into the dawkness without youw teammates. Don’t wowwy, Wed, I’m suwe we’ll be fine!” Green smiled brightly, and marched ahead, with the others following close behind.
“Isn’t this the kind lady’s husband’s lab?” Baby Vio asked, recognizing the place.
“Wahhh, Vio, I’m scared of the dawk!” Baby Shadow clung to B. Vio, crying. Baby Vio patted him on the head to calm him down, smiling.
“Hey, what’s this?” Green asked, pressing a button. Suddenly, all the lights turned on and a machine sucked them into a portal… A portal to the future.

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