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The return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati part two: Ridley revived…again. And Zero Suit Samus joins forces with the good guys.

By Link_Rules_All
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Chapter 2: Ch. 2: Vio’s anger Shadow’s love.

“Yo Naranu I think I have a lead on the Ground Blade.” said Shadow and Vio together, while walking up to Naranu and Masara, who were trying there best to block Samus from Vio’s view.

“Whachya gaurdin’?” asked Shadow.

“Nothing.” said Naranu and Masara quickly.

“Why do you two smell like Smoke and Lava?” asked Vio sniffing the air.

“We weren’t on Norfair if that’s what you think.” said Naranu and Masara together.

“C’mon fight it, fight It.” thought Naranu resisting the urge to smile and laugh, those are the two signs that he’s lying. He couldn’t fight it anymore and he smiled and laughed.

I knew it you’re lying!!!” screamed Vio. “Where is she, I’ll tear her to shreds if she tries to take Shadow-chan from meh.” said Vio.

“Is that a challenge Vio.” said Samus getting of Wolf, and standing up, she stood taller then Naranu by three inches, but Vio could see her fully because she was standing over Masara.

You!!!” screamed Vio drawing his sword. “I’ll kill you!!!” he screamed trying to rush Samus, only to be restrained by Shadow.

“Vio she’s not that hot.” said Shadow. “Calm down.” he said.

“I just heard what you said, you still think she’s hot.” said Vio.

“Well yeah maybe a little bit.” said Shadow lying, which he knew was no good.

Then Vio stopped struggling, and he said while crying “I-I kn-knew i-it, y-you l-like h-her m-more th-then m-meh. F-fine th-then y-you c-can h-have h-her.” He broke free from Shadow and ran off crying even harder.

“As a Bounty Hunter I can’t show emotion, but as your future girlfriend Shadow I can.” said Samus walking over to Shadow. “Why the Hell did you just do that Shadow-kun!?!

“Weel I have a confession to make Samus-chan.” said Shadow.

“Well let’s hear it.” said Samus.

“I only “liked” him to make him happy, he’ll find a woman of his own, I promise, it was the same way with Blue, when Red ditched him.” said Shadow.

“Well if your sure, then o.k.” said Samus.

“Well now that that’s settled let’s go find the Ground Blade.” said Naranu. “Shadow what’s your lead?” he asked.
then Naranu noticed Shadow and Samus were busy kissing each other like ten-billion times, and he yelled “Yo Shadow, what’s your lead on the Ground Blade!?!

This not only startled Shadow and Samus, it broke them apart from each other. meaning they let go of each other. “Ahem.” said Shadow clearing his throat. “my lead was that we need Samus to find it.” he said.

“What do you mean you need meh to find it Shadow-kun?” asked Samus…

additional notes: this next chap is important, yes there is sexual content, but it’s important, you may skip the part with d s*x if you want. if you do skip please only skip to the part where it ends. that is where the important part begins again.