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The return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati part two: Ridley revived…again. And Zero Suit Samus joins forces with the good guys.

By Link_Rules_All
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Chapter 5: Ch. 5: Dark Samus’s Revenge-a Child.

warning: sexual content in this chapter.

It was Dark in the Palace of Winds, with only Torches as Light. Dark Samus was creeping up to Vaati’s room, and she had to stop and hide a lot because Meta Ridley, whom her and Vaati called Meta Idiot, kept coming out of the different rooms, cuz he found her out of bed, and was searching for her. She knew if she was caught she’d be either a. kicked out of the Evil Alliance, or b. be killed on the spot. When she got to Vaati’s room she knocked on Vaati’s door, and Vaati asked through the door “Meta, Meta, Meta?”

“Idiot, Idiot, Idiot.” answered Dark Samus.

“Enter Dark Samus-chan.” said Vaati.

Dark Samus entered the room, also lit by Torches, and said “I almost got caught…again, this is getting waaaaaayyyyyy too dangerous, this is the last try, if it doesn’t work, that’s the end of it. if we’re caught we’ll most likely be fried to a crisp on the spot.”

“Yeah I know this is the last time. It’s become to dangerous.” said Vaati. “If this fails, then I’ll have no choice but to Purify her early, Naranu.” said Vaati Telepathically to Naranu, who awoke from his bed with a start.

No that’s to dangerous, if you do now, then she’ll now your related, so don’t do it.” thought Naranu back.

“But we’ll be killed if I don’t.” thought Vaati.

“Well that changes everything, do it if you have too.” thought Naranu.

“Yes sir.” thought Vaati. he closed the connection.

“well let’s begin, hopefully for the final time.”

“o.k.” said Dark Samus.

“well here goes our last try at a child.” said Vaati stripping.

“yeah here goes.” said Dark Samus stripping.

*switching to Vaati’s view*

“so what shall we start with tonight?” I asked.

“the same as we have been doing, we start with me sucking your cock.” she said walking over to me, and getting down on her knees, and sucking. Oh! it felt so good. she sucked and sucked, for oh about twenty minutes. She stopped sucking and I picked her up, and placed her on my Feather Bed. I got on top of her, and grabbed her hips for support, and I thrusted into her virginal. I thrusted, and thrusted. I started cumming after about twenty minutes. I cummed into her, and she said “Oh yes, the ***, the best part.”

“I know.” I said as I cummed into her. Then I thrusted into her pussy, and I cummed into that too, and she started to call my name in a very sexy voice, which just made meh *** even more.

So this went on for oh, ten or fifteen minutes and she said “o.k. o.k. you can stop now, I’m satisfied.” so I stopped thrusting, and got off of her. Then we grabbed clean clothes, and warped to the showers.

*switching back to story mode*

“So Naranu have I failed?” asked Vaati telepathically to Naranu as he lay in bed trying to go to sleep.

“Did you succeed?” asked Naranu.

“Yeah, she’s pregnant.”

“Victory is sweet.” said Naranu.

“Good I’m glad we’ve won.” said Vaati

“So tomorrow we reveal our plans?” asked Naranu.

“Nah wait a few months.” said Vaati.

“Well guess what.” said Naranu.

“What?” asked Vaati.

“Zelda and Tetra are pregnant, and won’t be able to fight for another six months.” said Naranu. “And Samus is two months along her pregnancy, so we can’t wait a few months.” he said. “We have to put our plan into action now.” he said.

“O.k. o.k. I’ll be there tomorrow, just call a meeting.” said Vaati.

“Kays.” said Naranu…

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