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The Legend Of Zelda: Shadow Realm

By shadows_blood
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Chapter 1: snow

"Kiskwe, Can't you bwe moe happy?" A little girl with a sleeveless blue dress that just went to where her fingernails could touch the tip asked her brother. Her long, dirty blond hair was brushed to perfection, her light green eyes were glistening with innocence, and her lips were a blush pink. She stared at her elder brother with a frown.

"Nope," A short black haired boy with silver eyes that also showed slightly purple answered plainly, patting his sister on her head, messing it up. She stomped her foot and left his black wall-papered room. He shook his head and hopped on his black sheeted bed. The blanket was soft and comfortable, he felt like he was going to snooze soon.

"KISKE LEIGH TOMAGAYO!" A man's voice called with a bit of anger. By the use of his full name, Kiske knew he was in trouble. He sighed, turning to his door as he jumped off. Kiske opened the white door and ran down the blue, hardware floored stair case that led into the warm living room. He turned the corner and saw his little sistereating a banana, looking at him in confusion. Kiske looked around with bewilder. He could have sworn his father called him!

"Uh, Mitchi, did Dad call me?" He asked the four-year-old. She shook her head, he lips covered with the fruit. He nodded and slowly crawled back up the stairs. That was wierd, but, he's seen wierder. I remember the time I saw that wierd floating, glowing lamp ghost, that was just plain strange. And then there was that man in a green tunic who was a trancparent as-

"KISKE! MWONSTA!" A petriphied little girl cried in terror. Kiske burst down the stairs and saw a faint wolf with its bones showing clearly. He gasped and ran to his kid sister's side. The monster growled and what was left of its fur bristled. Kiske took his sister's pale hand and pulled her out the creaky back door. The monster trailed behind them, comeing on fast. But Kiske was faster!

Kiske dashed through Ordan as fast as his legs could carry him, along with his trembling sister on his shoulders. She clung to his head tightly, every now and then looking behind them to see the boney wolf, blood and spit dribbling down its wite teeth. She would scream each time. Kiske could tell, by Mitchi's screams, that he was not going to out-run a disgusting creature like this. He was getting exhausted, he had already ran far corner of the plained ranch. It would soon catch up to him.

"Mitchi, sis', please, when I say jump, you jump and get to Rusle's house, okay?" He asked trying to hide the fear in his mind. Mitchi made a nervouse noise and gripped her brother's silver bandana'd head. Kiske stopped running and swished around, taking a good look at the grusome creature, trembling slightly. His brown boots got into a sturdy position, his scratched-from-some-other situation hands balled into fists, and his sister held on to his black jacket that contained a black shirt. His black jeans wrinckled. He was ready to fight, even though he never had done it before, it couldn't be that hard, huh?

The monster dashed after him and opened its crooked jaw. Kiske took Mitchi off his shoulders and passed her to the far ground. She had a shocked, puzzled look on her face, wondering why her brother did that. Kiske tackeled the monster to the ground-or was it the other way around?- He looked to his sister and suddenly the monster bit him in the arm. His face made a painfilled face and bit his lips, blocking his scream. The blood leaked out and the creature began to suck it. Kiske kicked it in the face.

"Go, Run to Rusle!"He instructed his sibling. She hesitated and ran off to their godfather's house. The beast caught the sudden movement and tried to run after her, Kiske trapped it in a head lock, its extended neck reaching over and biting Kiske's shoulder, he screamed in pain this time.


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  • Chapter 1: snow