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Oracle of Dreams

By Akito17
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Chapter 1: Prologue

Okay. PLEASE forgive me. This is the third attempt I'm taking at rewriting this thing. It's just been wasting away in my notebook, gathering dust, and I really, really want to put it up because it doesn't deserve the neglect I've given it. Hopefully I will stick with this version. I've got a lot of rewriting to do before I can actually get to the chapters that are new.

Okay, the history of this story: (skip ahead if you don't want to read my ramblings) I started writing this about 4 years ago wasn't exactly my best effort. Yeah, I had fun and everything and writing stories about Link is just the bomb, but I had horrible grammar and spelling back then, so it was awful! I couldn't believe how utterly BAD it sounded and I've been meaning to rewrite it for forever. The bad news about the story is that the first 50 pages were lost on my old computer and are gone forever. The good news is that I managed to print them before they were deleted and now I at least have something to help me remember what exactly I wrote so that I can make it even better. smile.gif

Please bear with me. I'm sorry. The first few chapters are a little BLEH, but if you stick with it and help me along the way, I'm sure you'll like it. But, if you're one of those people who hates OCs, LEAVE RIGHT NOW!

Thank you and enjoy the story!


The sounds of screaming were surrounding her, swallowing her, consuming her. She panicked and began to run blindly through her house, shoving past the screaming people and eventually finding herself being shoved through a door.

“Mommy!” She heard herself scream loudly, tumbling to her knees and crashing to the ground where she met the wet grass. She didn’t exactly remember running anywhere, but before she could gain her bearings and figure out where she was, she was suddenly falling backwards. Her head hit something hard and she blacked out immediately.

Inside of her house, the screams fell silent as a bright light engulfed everything, bringing to sun to shame with its brightness. Everything became mute as if someone had turned off all of the sound.

And in the mist of the horrible silence, a large figure emerged from the door she had just burst through, brushing himself free of debris and whatever else had fallen onto his dark armor. He laughed loudly and spoke to the sky. “No one can interfere anymore with my plans. Hyrule is mine.” He stopped narrating himself and peered at the ground a few feet in front of him, yellow, cat-like eyes spotting a small figure lying sprawled on the lawn. “Oops,” he breathed, laughing slightly. “Must’ve missed one.” He moved in, raising his hand as black light swirled and twisted dangerously around his outstretched fingers.

He was about to move in for the kill when a bright light suddenly engulfed the small figure, causing him to shield his eyes. It disappeared as soon as it had appeared and he snarled in rage as he realized his prey had escaped.

“Blast it!” he ranted and raved to the sky. “I almost had all of them!” He punched a nearby tree, sending the poor wooded plant splitting in half at the force of the hit. Recovering from his tantrum, a dark chuckled purred from the confines of his throat. He knew very well who had interfered in his plans, but they were far too late. He had already killed off most of them and the only survivor appeared to have been a child. It didn’t matter. “Yes,” he said to himself as he surrounded himself with magical light, disappearing on the spot. No one will believe the child. I have nothing to worry about.

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im not a hater but, why does ppl writes story about girls falling into hyrule, meet link, then falls in love. I don't hate your story I really love it. Honest.