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I didnít expect to find love anytime soon; in fact, I never expected to ever get married. It wasnít that I hated everyone in the far and wide provinces in Hyrule; it was just that I was busy, too caught up with my work to find a girl. Besides, they are always so annoying, going ga ga over me, piercing my ears with their shrill screams of excitement. I donít know how Iím not insane!

Anyway, Rusleís sword snapped in half and he told me to go into the market and get some tools. Heh, he was just too lazy to go get them himself.

So, here I am, at the market, minding my own business and looking for the usual.


A girl clad in black with long, silky black hair was sitting above the small shopís wooden roof. Link gasped and plugged his ears with his fingers. But she didnít scream, in fact, she was smiling from underneath the black cloth that covered everything underneath her hazel eyes. Link gave her a completely dazed look, a swirling wind of confusion enveloping him.

"H-Hey, what are you doing up there?" Link asked. The scrawny, bald old man turned around from the goods he had and towards the hero clad in green.

"Did you say sometin?" He asked in a slightly annoying croaky voice. The girl held a finger in front of her hidden mouth and disappeared from his view. Suddenly, she reappeared from behind the old man, taking as many ripe, juicy, gracious green melons she could carry. Link's mouth almost dropped when he saw how many of those heavy suckers she could carry. He couldn't even lift 6, yet she had, like, 13!

She turned around and winked at him, her heavenly hazel eyes glistening in the radiant beam of Hyrule's blistering sun. Without another action, she hopped back onto the wooden roof.

"Ah, helloooo, earth to Hero, do you copy?" The old man asked impatiently. Ignoring the man's name for him, Link snapped out of his trance.

"Uh, a girl just took your food," He snitched. The man's face went from scrunched to dumb-founded.

"Oh no, GUARDS, THE HAZEL CLOUD MADE AWAY WITH ME FOOD AGAIN!!!! You're da hero, STOP HER!!!" He grumbled. Link nodded and followed the long trail of heavily silver armored guards on the chase of the thief. The 17-year-old made his way to the front of the line, then suddenly turning into the alley that led to Telma's Bar when he noticed a hint of lavender fill his keen, pointy nose. While almost tripping down the stairs, Link grabbed the dirty door-knob and puled it open.


Well, was that a enormous difference in temperature and smell, not to mention light. I went from freezing my ass off to sweating, from squinting to see in the dark alley to squinting to see the bar in such bright light. And the thing that really shook me was the smell; from the smell of rust, smelly people, and certain substances I hope I didn't step in to the obvious odor of grease, smoke, and all sorts of rare meats.

When I entered, Telma wasn't as cheerful as she always was to see me. Instead, she looked nervous, which gave everything away automatically.

"Alright, Telma, where is she?" I asked, not feeling up to listening to her rather persuading excuses. I could see in her brown eyes that she knew there was nothing she could say that could convince me she wasn't here.

"Link... What are you going to do with her?" She asked uneasily. I froze. I hadn't really planned to actually catch her, let alone to do anything about her. I knew the thieving policy in this land, so I couldn't turn her into the guards, she didn't deserve to die. So, what could I do with her?


"Don't worry, Telma, she won't be executed," He assured. Telma sighed in relief, her large hands on her chest to emphasize it.

"But I can't just let her get away with it, she could get caught if she keeps doing it," Link warned. Telma leaned her head on her hand that had her elbow lean on the soft wooden table. Suddenly, The sound of a creaking door reached Link's highly skilled ears.

"Sorry, Telma, I have to do something!" He yelled as he ran out the door. Just in time: She was just leaving the the south gate. Link followed her scent until she was once-again in his full view. Without warning, she skidded to a halt, causing Link to trip over her body. H hit the dirt-filled grasslands of Hyrule with a loud thump, followed by a whinny,"OWWWW!" Almost immediately after the cry that came from the supposedly "mighty hero," the girl gave out light giggle,a sound that made Link's pointy elf ears feel oddly delighted.

"Wow, the tattle tale's really light on his feet, yet his head is big and weighs a toN!" She laughed. Link growled like the wolf he was, hating her sarcasm, yet mysteriously respecting it.

"SHUT UP!"Link demanded, feeling the anger grow in his throat, although he felt something else boiling in his heart. The girl dropped on her knees and put her finger on his soft, pink lips, leaning in almost a hair away. Link gulped, an action which here by extinguished the flame in his chest. Instead of furious, he found himself nervous around a girl. It was that nervous he was used to; nervous of how they would torture him when they spotted him. No, this nervouse was like spring water to the dried lake inside him. His heart was speeding up, not much, but it was.

"Make me," She said plainly. Link's eyes locked on to her fingers, watching them fly to her face and pull off the mask she had around her face.


I don't think, in all my travels across the gorgeous and vast land of Hyrule, I have ever seen a woman or place as beautiful as her. Her eyes were brighter, her nose was small and round, her head shape was perfect, her smile... I couldn't quite put my finger on it but something about her caused something deep inside, I felt so... Weird.

"Fine,"I managed to say. I grabbed her wrists like a skilled python would pierce its prey's throught, bringing her down hard. She squinted her eyes upon seeing I had brought her down, making me grin widely. And then she grinned, too. Why was she grinning? Obviously, I had bested her, right?!

"Awww, I guess I lost. I guess I shouldn't fight back still because I'm a lady and you're the hero. Is that what you're used to? Everyone letting you do anything just because your a hero?" I could feel the shaking in her voice, she was mad at me. But this wasn't true, I didn't like all the attention... wait, this girl is not treating me like a hero!!! Wow, this is cool!!!

Well, at least it was cool until she forced my hands back and held me against the ground. Ah man, I couldn't move! Damn, for some thief, for some girl, she was really strong!

"Well, you aren't getting away with it with me, bub," She smiled, I almost melted right then and there. This girl was so different!

"Bye, ," She waved and began to dash away.

"Hey, wait, you can't-" I stopped, I couldn't say anything that would stop her, it would just be a plain waste of breath.


"So, didja get what I needed?" Rusle asked when I came back to Ordan on Epona. I felt my eyes rip open, I totally forot about it. Ruscle crossed his arms and shook his head.

"We'll talk about your reason when you get done with your chores, but for now... GO TO WORK!!!" Ruscle ordered. His bark ended with a quiet grin on his face, I smiled, too.


Link grabbed the leather brown reigns in his gloved hands and spurred her through the small black gate that led to ordan. As he passed his friends they waved, Ilia fainted like always, and the cuccos winked at the misterious wolf.

Eventually, Link found himself in the wide open plains of Ordan Ranch, next to a man far taller then he was.

"What's the matter with you today, bud? That was a minute slower than the usual!" Fado complained. Link bit his tounge, afraid he might tell him off.

"Sorry, its just this thought," Link mumbled almost silently.

"Oooh, is it a girl?" Fado asked moving in closer and making his eyebrows bounce up and down his thiick forehead. Link's face turned a light shade of pink, like the color of dress Uli always put on her new baby, Selena. That only prooved Fado's point.


I had no idea why I was blushing, I mean, sure the girl back at the market WAS on my mind since she left but that doesn't mean I have to blush about it.

"So when's the wedding?" Fado snickered at me. I think I turned a bit redder, maybe out-doing Epona a bit. UHG, I am etting so mad at myself, why am I blushing, and what is this annoying feeling in my chest. It's wierd, just thinking about her is making my heart speed up, I hate this feeling!!

"T-T-There isn't a wedding! She's just some girl who-"

"Makes your heart race?" Fado smirked, sounding as though he was reading a romance novel. I froze, how did he know that?


"You're in love, Bud."

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! DID HE JUST SAY IM IN LOVE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hey guys, this is my author's note!!! I hope you all enjoy this story. Hey, Guys, I need your review (and girls, lol) if I dont get Reviews im ganna think this story sucks and im ganna stop writing. So, for those of you who aren't lazy, I will write just for you!!!!

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