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I Don't Like Him

By writorsblock
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Chapter 1: End of my Paper Work

One elbow on my windowsill, one arm gone slack, one hand cupped my cheek as I stared thoughtfully out my window.

I sighed.
It was not a happy sigh, more like the sigh you'd utter if you were bored. Something like that.

I straightened my arm on the sill and looked back the slightest.
My teacher had been snoozing, leaning against the wall for support. I walked over to him and carefully patted his near-bald head.

"Teacher?" I whispered.

He groaned, but didn't awake.

"Teacher!" I said, a bit louder this time.

That did it.

"Yes, Zelda? What is it now?" the old man sleepily rubbed his eyes, then focused them on me.

"I'm so bored!" I exclaimed, "Can I go outside?"

"Depends," Teacher blinked, apparently still sleepy, "Have you finished your paper work?"

"Yes!" I indicated the large pile of parchment on my desk.

Teacher examined the pile. "Very well, you may go."

"Oh, thank you, Teacher!!" I gave him a big bear hug.

"Don't forget your cloak!" He said as I hurried out the door, grabbing the cloak off my coat hanger on the way.


The morning air prickled my bare arms as I struggled to get the cloak on. It was chilly outside, I'd admit.

As I walked through the small streets of castle town, I was greeted by many people.

It was nice, to get out for once and meet these people again. I had not seen castle town since I came back home a month ago...

Suddenly, I was flooded with memories. All the temples, the realms, the spirit tracks, the tower, the train, Malladus, my spirit... Then they focused on one thing. The boy who saved me from it all. If it weren't for him, I'd still be watching dark, purple clouds... full of sadness and despair, and I'd be crying my eyes out.

But It was the opposite.
Because of him, I have my body back.
Beacuse of him, Malladus is gone for good.
Because of him, I can feel the grass with my own fingers and enjoy the wind on my face once more.

Because of him, I feel fuzzy inside.

Fuzzy when I think of him.
Fuzzy when I remember the adventure.
Fuzzy when I heard he did this for not only Hyrule, but for me.

It was a good feeling, the fuzzy.
I kept hoping it will come back, kept hoping he will come back.

My thoughts were inturrupted by a loud train whistle.
A train whistle I have heard too many times...
Could it be...?

Without thinking, I dashed to the train station and gasped.

It was.[/]

The Spirit Engine, driven by the boy I had thought of so much.

The fuzzy feeling returned.

I waited.
Until he looked at me.
Until he noticed me.
Until he smiled and called me to him.

As I walked, the fuzzy feeling grew stronger.

"H-hello..." I greeted him awkwardly. "How has the past month been for you?"

"Painful." Link replied, his golden hair reflecting off the sun as he took his recruit's hat and examined it while ruffling his hair, put the hat back on and grinned his usual adorable grin. It made my fuzzy feeling ten times more fuzzy.

What brought me back to earth was his confused look.

"Your staring," Link stated, then got a look of mock horror on his face,"I AM wearing pants, right?"

I laughed lightly as he checked.

"Nope, they're still on." I replied with a smile.

"Then why-"

I cut him off, "Painful, why painful?"

Link shook his head, "I'm a royal engineer AND royal guard. What else do you think I'd feel?" He stopped to think for a minute.

"Oh my, I forgot! I've got 15 more deliveries to make! Sorry, I have to go." Link made his way to his train and was about to board it when I spoke up:


He looked back at me and raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

"I want to go with you."
"Pleeaase?" I stuck out my bottem lip in a pout. "I didn't go outside at all since last month and I was hoping-"

It was his turn to cut me off.

"Fine. fine. C'mon!" Link motioned me to stand beside him and I followed.

He blew the whistle with two good, hard yanks and we took off.

The first few deliveries were close by, but later on we had to go farther into realms... lets just say I was more than happy to come with.

I don't know how it started, but we started talking about what we had been doing the past month. I listened intently to what he was saying, and noticed his eyes flashed different colours from time to time.

They were blue as second ago, then had a tinge of green in them, then a brown-ish blue colour, then blue again.


After he was done, there was silence.

I took this quiet time to think about the few breaks we used to have in our quest. We'd talk about ourselves, tell each other what we liked. By the end of our adventure I pretty much knew all the basic facts about him.

"Your favourite colors green..." I stated randomly.

He gave me a quizzical look but said nothing.

"Your birthday is on the 17th of march." I continued, "You basically love to argue about everything-"

"I do not!" Link cried indigantly, "I mean, I dont love to argue..."
he corrected himself sheepishly, scaring an animal off the tracks with his whistle.

A pause.

"Your favourite colour is pink, you love roses and your stubborn when it comes to-"

"Am not!" I said, giggling a bit, "I just know I'm right."

Link rolled his eyes and yet again said nothing.

As we pulled into the last station, I couldn't help but admire his hair once more. So golden, so messy. Since the wind had picked up, it was swaying gently across his face. I sighed, making him look at me.

"Something wrong?" Link asks, but I shake my head.

"No, nothings wrong. In fact... I'm perfectly happy!"

Adorable grin, right on cue.

"And why?" He asked, helping the Anoukis unload the lumber fom the frieght car.
(our last stop was Anouki village and we had to deliver more wood)

"I'm finally outside again. I finally get to roam around in the train without floating off of it. I finally get to spend time... with you..."
I went through the last part a bit more quietly than intended.

"Sorry, didn't quite catch that." Link asked again, smile growing wider as if he heard me and wanted me to admit it.

"You already know." I huffed, crossing my arms. My hair wipping dangerously close to his face, due to the wild wind..

Link shrugged and said:

"Next stop will be the castle, were I'll drop you off then go back to Aboda."

I nodded to show I understood.

He jumped back on the train, blew the whistle twice than headed towards the forest realm.

It did not take long to reach the castle, and I had reached there just in time for lunch.

The Spirit Train slowly stopped at the station and Link quickly hopped down to help me off.

He had offered to walk me to the castle, and I had accepted. When we reached it however, I realized he had to go.

Link looked at my face for a minute, then turned to leave.

Before he could, I swiftly hug him from behind.

Resting my chin on his shoulder for a while, Link turns his head to look at me and says:

"Ummm, Zelda? What are you doing?"

I realized I had closed my eyes and just stood there, holding him.

I blush, "N-nothing." Slowly letting go, I step back a little, ready to leave myself.

Before [i]I
could, he runs up to me and traps me in his tight embrace. It took me a split second to realize what he was doing and I tightly hug him back.

When Link pulls away, he gives me one more cute smile and walks away, leaving me standing there, speechless, frozen, confused, excited and dumbstruck.

"What just happened?" I mutter to myself as I slowly make my way back in the castle.


When I reach my quarters, I find Teacher already waiting for me.

"Ah, Zelda! Your back, how was your outing?" he asks, almost eagerly.

"Fine..." I mumble, still slightly dazed.

"My, my you look tired. Want to rest?" Teacher gives her a worried look.

"Wha- Oh, I'm fine! Not tired at all. If you don't mind, I would like to finish up my lunch." I ponted at my lunch tray at my desk.

The man nodded and left, closing the door with a thud.

Next Day:

I wake up, in my soft bed, underneath my silk smooth covers.
Turning over, my eyes catch sight of a picture frame. I smile.

The picture was of me as a spirit, floating by the Spirit Train driven by Link in his recruit uniform. It was illustrated, ofcorse.

I sigh once again, but it was a soft, content sigh. Slowly getting up from my bed, I take a shower, get changed then sit at my dresser.

"What colours should I wear today?" I mumbled, trying to choose my make-up.

After a while, I had come up with light blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, soft pink lip gloss and a light blush.

Looking in the mirror, I grinned.

This was sure to wow him....

Just then, Teacher walked through the door.

"Awake, I see?"

"Yes, Teacher."

"Very well, I will meet you in the great hall."

"I will be there in a minute." I replied.

"Oh, and another thing, child." Teacher turned at the doorway to look at me.

"Yes?" I asked, confused.

"Do you like him?"

I blushed furiously, "Like who, exactly?"

"The blonde young man who knows how to drive trains. He is also a very capable guard, I can tell you. Lots of potential I see.
Link, is it?"

I said nothing.

"Is it true you spent yesterday helping him with deliveries?"

"I... yes, yes I did..." I mumbled in defeat.

"So is it true?"

I figured he was joking, asking a straight up answer like that... but he looked dead serious.

"No." I said, turning the other direction so he could not see my face. "No, I do not like him the way you expect."

"Very well..." Teacher nodded and walked away, closing the door.

I smiled, holding my arms up to reveal my gloved hands.

"I said I didn't like him, and thats true."

I walked to my window, opened it and looked at the grassy feilds of New Hyrule.

"I don't like him." I whispered. My hair caught the shine of the sun and the gems on my head gleamed in the light. A breeze caught my hair, thrashing it wildly out of place.

I smiled wider when I caught sight of Link in archery practice, watching him shoot a bulls eye. His green cap swayed in the wind, in sync with his hair as it had done yesterday.

"I love him."


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  • Chapter 1: End of my Paper Work