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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

By starfgh/zelda
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Chapter 1: Proluge

There is a deep, deep forest that spreads over the eastern region of the Kingdom of Hyrule…The Kokiri Forest. The Kokiris who live there each have their own fairy. But there was one young boy who, for some reason, didn’t have a fairy. His name was…

Shall I begin? Long, long ago…Before the world had taken clear shape…It is said that three Goddesses came down to Hyrule. One was Din. She brought Fire and sculpted a Red Land. One was Nayru. With her Wisdom, she brought Law to the World. The last one was Farore. She gave her Courage to the World, and created Life…

“Whee!” Link said as he gave no mind to his ladder, and jumped off his front porch. BONK! He landed right on Mido’s head, causing Mido to fall over into the mud.
“Oh, sorry Mido! The Great Deku Tree’s story is almost over. I’m in a hurry!” Link yelled over his shoulder. He faintly heard Mido moan in pain, but he kept going. Mido was sure to hold a grudge on him and had been waiting for years to finally get back at him. You see in Mido’s pathetic excuse of a brain, he thought that eliminating Link would cause Saria to like him more. But Link and Saria were two of the best and closest friends you could find in Hyrule, and that’s what set Mido off.
Mido must of have told his little gang that Link bonked him upside the head, because when Link reached the path to the Great Deku Tree, Mido and his friends, more like minions, were blocking the way.
“Hey, wait. You can’t go in there.” Mido said.
“Yeah!” One of Mido’s minions said.
“Shut-up!” Mido said and jabbed the poor kind in the ribs with his elbow. The kid fell to his knees, then to the ground completely. Tears welled in his eyes, and in less than two seconds, he was wailing.
“Oh suck it up, you big baby!” Mido yelled.
The kid whom he had just jabbed, got to his feet, and ran towards his house.
“What a loser…” Mido mumbled. He glanced at his other two minions as if to see if they dared to speak.
“Well get outta here!” Mido sneered, obviously talking to Link.
“I can go wherever I want.” Link said calmly.
“If you wanna get in, why don’t you show us your fairy?” Mido said with a grin, showing Link his disgusting teeth.
Link took a deep breath, then slugged Mido right in the nose. After a few seconds, blood streamed down from Mido’s nose and gathered near his lips. Mido slowly raised his hand, touched his face, felt the wet blood, and froze. Mido had always feared blood, but he always acted cool like he didn’t give two hoots about it. And now, his fear was running down his face, dripping off his chin.
His eyes widened, and he took off running. His gang right behind him. Link sighed; he hoped it wouldn’t come to this.
He glanced back, saw Mido off in the distance panicking, and started walking the trail to the Great Deku Tree.

"Cheer up, Link. Don't pay any attention to Mido." The Great Deku Tree said as Link sat on one of his fat roots.
"Great Deku Tree, why am I different from everyone else?" Link asked, barely in a whisper.
"You'll find out when the time is right." The Great Deku Tree said simply.
"Hmph! That's what you always say." Link said hopelessly.
The silence was interrupted when Saria said, “Link! You said you wanted to show me something earlier."
"Huh?" Link asked confused,"Oh! Oh yeah!" He pulled something out of his back pocket.
"Ta-Da! I made it myself!" Link said, showing Saria what he was talking about. It was a sling-shot.
Saria interrupted his excitement and said,” What’s it for?"
"Here! I'll show you!" He said as he picked up a deku nut off the ground and launched it into the sky.
"Oh wow! Hey, let me try it!" Saria said excitedly. Link handed it to her, along with another deku nut. She placed the nut in the holder, aimed, fired, and hit Mido whom which was hiding in the branch
of a near by tree.
"Oww!" He hissed.
"What was that?" Saria asked, puzzled. Link shrugged, and smiled. He didn't care if he had a fairy or not, he was just happy to have a friend. After a few hours of playing around, Link and Saria headed home. Saria came to Link's house for a snack. They ate deku fruits and drank water from the stream. It was a little past ten 'o’clock when Saria said she was a little scared to walk to her house in the dark. So Link offered to let her spend the night.
"Yeah! That'd be great Link!" Saria said excitedly. She got so excited that she hugged Link.
Then she whispered,"We're going to be best friends forever!"
Link smiled, and as soon as she let go, he went and got some sleeping bags so they could sleep under the stars.
When Link returned, Saria took the sleeping bags to set them up, leaving Link all alone. Link gazed at the beautiful stone, the Kokiri Emerald, lying on his table. The Great Deku Tree had given this to Link during one of the festivals the Kokiri celebrate every year. It had been The Day of Light. During this celebration, all the fairies, including the ones the children had, gathered on the branches of the Great Deku Tree at exactly midnight. This made the night appear to be day, and as the fairies glowed, the children would dance. It was a wonderful thing, really. After all the children had left to go to sleep, Link stayed behind. And then, the Great Deku Tree gave him the stone.
~"Link, this is the Kokiri Emerald. It is said that this is one of the three stones that the Goddesses above left behind. When the time is right, you shall take this to the Princess of Hyrule."
"But how will I know when to go, Great Deku Tree?"
"You will find out soon enough..."~
As Link looked at the stone, he felt as though now was the time...
Link threw the stone into his pocket, and eased down the ladder of his house. He walked over to Saria, whom was starting a fire for roasting deku nuts.
"Saria....I...." Link stuttered; he didn't know how to say this.
"What is it, Link?" Saria asked calmly.
"I need to go...I need to leave Kokiri Forest...It's my destiny..." Link said, gaining courage.
"Okay, silly. We can go for another walk through the Lost Woods tomorrow morning." Saria said sarcastically, not seeing what Link meant.
"No. I mean now, as in right now. And I need to go alone. The Great Deku Tree told me so." Link said.
"Oh, okay. I understand..." Saria said glumly.
"Don't be sad, I promise I'll come back and visit!" Link said assuringly. Saria smiled and hugged him.
“I’ll miss you, Link!”
Link waved and started to walk towards the Forbidden Passage, to Hyrule.
“LINK! WAIT!” Link turned around expecting to see Saria, but found only a fairy racing towards him.
“Wait! Don’t leave yet!” It yelled.
“What do you want?” Link asked.
“The Great Deku Tree sent me! And he wanted me to go with you!” The fairy said panting.
“And one more thing! He wanted me to give these to you!” The fairy used her powers to create a blinding light, and when it vanished, a shield and sword were in its place. Link grabbed them and just stared at them in his hands. He had always wanted a sword and shield. And now, he had them.
Now, he was ready…
Fairy, shield, sword and all.

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  • Chapter 1: Proluge