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Hero's Helper

By CarbonCopy13
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Chapter 1: The Begining

Hero's Helper
Ch. 1

"Ha ha you can't catch me!"

"Mido! Come back here!"

"Like you'll ever catch me you fairy-less- whoa!"

"Mido you- oh hi sis." This came from a little boy, around 11 or so. He wore green clothes with a green pointed hat.

"Mido, what did you do to Link this time?" Above Mido was a little girl, around 10 or 11, she too, like Mido and Link wore green, as well as a long pointed hat. Her hair was different than all the other Kokiri, whose hair was blond, orange and in one Kokiri's case green. Her hair was a very deep brown, as were her eyes, a striking contrast to the mostly blue eyes of the other Kokiri's.

"None of your business you little witch!" Mido was the 'boss' of the Kokiri and had a particular mean streak toward Link and the little girl. Upon yelling at her she promptly stomped on his hand and his foot before storming off, "OWWW!! That hurt! You little WI-" Mido could not finish his sentence as he tried to stomp on his recently stepped on foot, "Ow ow ow ow ow ow..."

"It's you fault Mido, you know she hates being called that."

"Oh hi Saria!" Mido immediately forgot his pain and tried to stand between Link and the green haired Kokiri girl, "Saria I was just gonna-"

"You were bullying Link again weren't you?"

"N-no... I was just gonna..."

"Mido! Come on Link! Let's go find Mary-Eileen, she must be really mad right now."


happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif

"Why is Mido always calling me that Great Deku Tree?" She looked up towards a huge tree with a face featured on it's massive trunk. She was sitting on a part of his massive roots.

"Well Mary-Eileen, maybe because he can see how much it bothers you."

"How could it not bother me? Where I come from that's a very derog-dergoati-bad name! It's the worst name that we can be called... other than savages, deserters, cowards, traitors... you get the idea."

"You know so many words yet cannot pronounce 'derogatory'?"

"Yeah? So what?! I can't spell to save my life either."

"Ha ha ha ha! Well..."

"Mary-Eileen! There you are!"

"Oh, hey, how are you two doing?" Just then Link and Saria came into the Deku Tree's area of the forest.

"Good, how do you feel?" Saria walk up to the tree and Mary-Eileen.

"Alright I suppose, could feel better if I could figure out my way back home..."

"Don't worry you will, just be patient."

"Easy for you to say, you're a tree... you have all eternity."

"Well it's getting late, let's play a little before the sun goes down!" Mary-Eileen and Link then followed Saria who ran to their area of the forest to play her ocarina. The three played until it was dark. Saria returned to her house while Link and Mary-Eileen raced to Link's house to see who would get the bed tonight.

"I won again!"

"Well if you didn't cheat then I would have!"

"Ya, well even if you did win you'd give me the bed anyhow, you always do Link."

"Yeah yeah, well let's go to bed."

"'kay! Night!"


With that Link and Mary-Eileen covered up and went to sleep. Link on little bed on the floor, while it didn't look comfortable at all, it was really about the same as his, or Mary-Eileen's bed. Link had found her in the forest while exploring with Saria one day about 8 or 9 months ago. She had a nasty gash on her arm and was wearing very odd clothes compared to the Kokiri's traditional green ones. It was a one piece dress that had looked like it was a few sizes too big for her; rather it looked like that but fit her perfectly. It was a golden tan sort of color with blue and red squares decorating the bottom of it. The sleeves had a slit under arm and was also adorned with the same blue and red square patterns as the bottom of the dress. Around the neck there was a similar pattern as the sleeves and bottom of the dress, but instead of just red and blue squares, it also had black triangles. On the back was an outline of a large triangle, but has a smaller upside down purple triangle inside of it. But because she stood out and Mido shifted all his attention to insulting her and her strange clothes, so a set of normal Kokiri clothes was made for her. But that didn't stop Mido at all, instead of poking fun at her clothes, he just decided to pull her hair, which went down to her hips, so she was given a hat like Link's and was able to put all her hair into it. This made it very hard for Mido to bug her.

As the children of the forest slept, a large armoured parasite came to the Deku Tree and began to infect him.

"Hey! How can he sleep so much!"

"Huh? That you Mary-Eileen...wha-?" There in front of Link was a ball of light with wings attached.

"A-a fairy?"

"I'm Navi! Now come with me-"

"A fairy!" Link then jumped up and woke up Mary-Eileen, "Hey Sis! Look I got a fairy now! Let's go show Mido!"

"A wha? Show who? Link I-" She was still half asleep when Link began to drag her out to go wake up Mido as well.

"Hey! We have to get to the-" Navi was trying to get Link's attention but failed.

"Come on Sis! I wanna show off my fairy to Mido! Let's see his face wh- ahhhh!" Link then fall through a hole cut into the floor in front of his door.

"Huh? Link? Where'd he go?" She took a few steps forward and couldn't see him at all, "Link!"

"Owww... what happened....! Mido what are you doing?" Link had landed on top of Mido who had cut the hole.

"What? Nothing! Can't I take a night time walk?! Huh? How can she do that!" Mido was pointing up towards the hole Link just fell through.

"Don't change the subject..." Being curious as to what had both surprised and shut up Mido; Link looked up too. He was also rendered speechless, because there was a hole in front of the door anyone trying to both enter and leave the house would have fallen down. But for some strange reason, Mary-Eileen wasn't falling through, in fact it looked as if she hadn't even noticed there was a hole there. She was standing in mid air just like there was floor there, "H-how is she...?"

"I have no idea..."

"Mary-Eileen! Down here! Look down!"

"Huh? Link? Down?" As she look down she just realized that there was no floor underneath her and as the reality was setting in that she was up in the air without anything supporting her, she fell down. Landing on both Link and Mido, "Owww... why is there a hole in the floor?"

"Never mind that! You were flying!" Mido was starting to freak out.

"Never mind either of those things! The Great Deku Tree needs help!" Navi was freaking out herself.

"The Tree?"


Mido, Link and Mary-Eileen both rushed to the Tree to find him acting strangely, "Great Deku Tree! What's wrong!"

"He's not responding... what could be wrong with him?"

"What did you do to him you witch!" Mido quickly turned on her because of what he had just seen her do.

"What? I didn't do anything to him!"

"Well who else could it be? No Kokiri would do anything to him!"

"I didn't do anythi-"

There was a sort of scratching sound coming from the Tree.

"What's that...?"

A hole then appeared on the side of the Tree, "Navi, are you there?"

"Great Deku Tree? I'm here, so is Link."

"Then hurry, stop the beast inside me..."

"Let's go Link!"

"Alright! You too Sis! Let's stop this thing from hurting the Great Deku Tree!"

"Coming!" As the entered the tree Mary-Eileen saw something in the ground, "Link isn't this yours?" She handed him a brown slingshot.

"That's where it went..."

"We have to hurry!"

"Link, not to be mean, but your fairy is kinda pushy..."

"She's right though, we have to hurry!"

"I know, I know-"

"Link! wait for me!"

"Huh? Mido?" Link turned around to see where the voice was coming from.

"I brought the Kokiri's Sword!"

"Mido! Why'd you come in here?" Mary-Eileen turned to face the boss of the Kokiri.

"Why'd YOU come in here anyway? Link has that slingshot and I have a sword, you don't even have a weapon."

"I don't need one, I can fight without one."

"Well anyhow let's hurry! The Great Deku Tree won't last much longer at this rate!" Navi was flitting around all three children.

"Link, that fairy's kinda-" Mido began

"I know, I know. She pushy."

"I am not!"

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  • Chapter 1: The Begining