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The Legend of Zelda: Broken Souls

By Redocarina
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Chapter 1: A Dark Day for Hyrule

Link crunched an apple from is orchard at dusk. Three years had passed since he had defeated Gannon and Dark Link. As He looked into the sunset, realized, things had been altogether peaceful for these years. He took the Golden Master sword from it’s sheath. After obtaining the triforce, he returned it to it’s resting place in the temple of Light. When he did, a voice of his ancestors’ descended from the heavens, as did the Master Sword. The Blade of evil’s bane, he thought spinning it around. He’d never use it like his ancestors did, but not in the way he thought…
A shadowy figure wearing black tattered robes kneeled over a burning altar. “Link…” it hissed, it’s words laced with hatred. “Many eons ago your ancestor killed my child…” it couthed. It stood in a vast area of
Empty nothing, uttering it’s words it seemed to itself. “But I am ready…” It grinned under it’s hood. “My revenge on Din, Nayru, and Farore grows nye…” It stood, face covered by the low rise of the cloth extending from it’s hood. “As is your demise…” And with that, it vanished, leaving a thick black mist.
The storm clouds rushed in as Link jumped from the tree he had rested in all evening. He was to meet Zelda at his house, and, as usual, He was late.
“About time you got here!” She said as they rushed towards each other. But she stopped in her tracks her face horrified. Link was about to open his mouth to question this, When he sensed a presence behind him. “Link…” The Shadow cloaked figure uttered. “Hero of Hyrule…” Link’s adrenaline started pumping through his veins as he drew his hand near the handle of the master sword. “Your ancestor killed my child, so I will kill your love…” The figure lunged for Zelda, hand outstretched. Link drew The Golden Blade and made a jump-slash for the unknown visitor. In a flash the figure whirled around and held the blade with two fingers at the tip. “The sacred blade stained with my child’s blood…” It laughed. “The goddesses taught you well…” Link could tell the figure was smiling. “But…” The figure quickly switched it’s claw like hand to the mid-blade section of the sword. “They love me too much…” The Master Sword began to crack, and in the end of an age of prosperity for Hyrule, Shattered like glass. The figure immediately grabbed the petrified Zelda, and vanished…

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