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four swords: christmas

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Chapter 1: not a creature was sturring accept Red

Red was the first to wake. His eyes shot open at the toll of the clock. He looked over at the big grandfather clock and.... it was only 3:00 AM.

He thought to himself,"Blue,Green,and Vio would get mad if I woke them this early.he made the desicion to go and "check" on the presents.

Red quickly walked down the stairs. When he got to the bottom he saw somthing that made him jump.In front of the fire place sat Shadow link! At first he thought about going and telling the others but somthing stopped him.

Slowly he walked twords Shadow, wondering how he got in the house. when he got up behind him he realized he was sleeping.
Red shook him lightly.Shadow fell over and started to snore. desprate not to wake the others, he lunged at Shadow to cover his mouth,but at that exact moment Shado woke up! Red was already in the air and heading twords him.Shadow leaped out of the way just as Red hit the floor."What are yo-!"Red covered his mouth."What are you doing?!" Shadow asked in a hushed wisper.

"I could ask you the same thing!" Red retorted."How'd you get in here?" "I am a shadow, what do you expect?"Shadow said while rolling his eyes. " Why are you here, you come to rob us or somthing?" "Can't a guy drop off some presents without being accused of theft?" Red's eyes lit up at the mention of presents." You brought gifts?!" "Yah, why eles would I be here? Dont you trust me?" Red looked at the ground." Well..."Red said hesatently. "Great. Feel the christmas love."

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flimsykitty says:

Really cute ^^ Welcome to Zeldalegends, by the way ~