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Fight not love

By cuttielink404
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Chapter 1: The boy and the gaurd

" Comon, I need to see her!" Link begged looking strait at the gaurds with sparkling blue eyes. This always work with the korkis ( is that spelled right? ) " No means no now scram ya little punk!" The gaurd said coldly. Belive it or not, Link pulled the big guns. He faked cried. " I.. * sniff * just need to... * hiccup* see her.. She in danger if I dont tell.." He faked sobbed. The gaurd felt like a big jerk now. " AWW YOUR SO $#%& CUTE!" he said sadly as he rased the gate. " I will lead you to her" he announced leading him to her. Sucker... Link thought walking to the garden. Zelda gazed at Link with a cute smile.

Zelda's point of view,
I was doing nothing when a strange boy from my dream was behind me. Am I crazy? But its so real with his adorable smile and baby blue eyes. Ok. Serious face. I told him everything about hyrule, Ganondorf, and other lame things. He stood there like he don't know swat. I gave him a letter and watched Impa led him off. I can't believe it but I think im in love!

Link's point of view,
Hello? Is this girl cheaking me out? Er.. Ok, So I walked into the garden with " Sucker gaurd " and Zelda starred at me like she's never saw a boy before in her life! She said a lot off stuff I don't get, blah blah blah Zeldas lame yak yak yak Ganondorf, Bleep bloop blop kill me. She gave me a letter and Impa led me out. No, I don't love her. Im a fighter, not a lover.

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  • Chapter 1: The boy and the gaurd