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By cuttielink404
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Chapter 1: If this is opposite then link is...

" Zelda im here a Quick as I...." Link stoped his tracks and see no princess but... A PRINCE! " Link so glad too see you its me.. Zelda. Listen this curse is changing Genders of people all over hyrule... So that means any minute or hour YOU will be a girl! " Prince Zelda ( who is now Zuke ) handed Link a bag that says DONT OPEN. " What is... is.. is.. NO MY BEAUTIFUL VOICE" Link said as his voice turned girly. He ( She ) tried to stay calm and ran out the castle and navi flew up to him, looked at himself, and sighed. " Why do i have to be a boy? " he muttered. Link ( who is now leah ) ran up to Lon Lon Ranch and paused for a molment. Malon.... Boy? Talon... Girl? INGO... UGLY WOMEN???? Long hair ran down to her back now and she sighed. " Malon I need..." Leah froze and stared at Malon she didnt CHANGED a bit! " how are you..." " Still a girl?" Malon said intterupting him.

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  • Chapter 1: If this is opposite then link is...