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The power within

By cuttielink404
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Chapter 1: Girl 1, Saria

" Link!! Somthings wrong with Saria! " A kokiri cried running throgh Link's house. " Okay lemme see the problem" He sighed walking out the house in a annoyed tone. " Saria? Are you there? Link wispered in the room. " Dont come here... you will regret it.." She growled behind her bed. Swallowing fear, He walked to the bed, turned on the lights, and sighed even more annoyed. " Saria nothing is wrong with youuuu MOMMY! " He screamed seeing her red eyes. " Don't be afraid she said as chairs floated above her head. " Are you okay?" Link asked scared. Saria walked closer to him untill she met his breath. Well, you expet that thing to happen well your WRONG!

" Link.. I need you to bring me Malon and Ruto to me.." She wisperd to his ear. Thats when a ghost flew out of her body. Her eyes became blue again and out of nowhere she yelled, " AND STAY OUT!" Link was counfussed, " Uhh what the heck happend?" He asked. " Link.. 2 other girls have speacial powers and one holds Ganondorf triforce and he wants it back. " She said reagaing her eyesight. " So I found one I need two more? " He asked thinking about Ruto's annoying face. Saria nodded " I think Ruto will most likely have it because she is a sage." Saria added waving her hand over Link and his sword and shield came in this room. How did she do that? " Saria," Link asked as he was about to leave the room.
" Yes Link?"
" Who was that ghost?"
" Ghost Link"
" But there is only a shadow "
" yes but now he is a ghost"
" Why?"
" YOU killed him"
" Oh "
As he turned around to leave, Saria gave him a Ocarina ( he gave the last Ocarina of time back to Zelda )
" Call me if you need help " She smiled.
Link went outside and took a deep breath and said,
" First stop... Ruto!"

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