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Super Smash Bros. Clash

By Makermatic21
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Chapter 1: Prologue: The Adventure Begins

The game opens like the beginning of Paper Mario. Top screen shows Mario’s house. Bottom screen shows map of the area. Parry Karry drops a pink letter off in the mail box. Luigi is on top of a block whistling (Like in Paper Mario).( Player is now Luigi. A Green B Button is displayed indicating for the player to press the B button. They do.) Luigi jumps down. ( Player now controls Luigi. They are to make him walk over to the Mail Box. They do. A Green B Button is displayed indicating for the player to press the B button. They do.) Luigi takes the letter out of the mail box. He holds it up over his head and a flash of light is seen.

Luigi: “Yay Hay“!

He automatically walks into the house. Screen pans out into black. Than repans to reveal the next scene (like when cartoons end and than begin). Luigi walks over to Mario and shows him the letter. Luigi says something to Mario (All dialogue between the two bros. Is gibberish like from the Superstar Saga series. The same Sfx from those games is used.

Mario: says something back.

Luigi: “Okay”

Luigi looks down at the letter. Top screen displays Luigi Looking at letter with Mario waiting for him to read. Bottom screen displays an over the shoulder, close up view of Luigi’s hands. Player now uses the stylus to tap the seal on the letter to open it in order to read along. ( This idea is to make the player see from Luigi’s perspective and to feel more involved with the story. Throughout the story many moments, such as these , will be created as much as possible and certain points to make the player feel included in the adventure at all, or at least most times. I like interactive games and to feel like I’m included in the adventure. I’m sure other gamers feel the same way. This will help create a special bond with these characters and make the overall story more meaningful. This is the goal I hope to achieve most.) The letter’s message:

Dear Mario,

You are cordially invited to my castle this afternoon for a party. Toad and Yoshi are helping with the decorating and I’m baking a cake. Our chef Taste T. has provided some new delicious dishes for the party that she would like for you to try. As for the entertainment Toadette has convinced the famous singer Pop Diva; from Club 64, to make a very special musical appearance with her band! Toadsworth… Well… Toadsworth is doing what he dose best: worrying. It seems every time we try to throw a party that nasty Koopa, Bowser, shows up and makes a mess of everything. I’m not going to let him ruin our fun this time. Toadsworth has seen to it that our guards are standing watch at all times and you will be here. I know you’ll keep us safe Mario. Well I better get ready. This party is going to be a blast! See you there!

Princess Peach Toadstool

Top screen shows the outside of Mario and Luigi’s house (or a map of the area) Bottom screen shows Mario and Luigi inside of their house.

Both Bros. : “ Oh Yeah!“

They start enthusiastically jumping up and down( Luigi 2 x, Mario 3 x). They leave their house. Top screen shows sky and roof. Bottom screen shows rest of the house and a pathway the bros. Are walking on that leads to a pipe. They pass their close line in the background. The bros. Enter the pipe. Screen fades to black and than the next scene. Top screen displays The sky filled with fire works blasting above the castle. The bottom screen shows a path leading to the castle with the bros. Going down it. The camera is facing their back. A lakitu with a camera is behind them. At this point the player can now control both bros. and talk to many different characters. If the player chooses to talk to the one Toad he says:

Toad:“ Hooray! Another party at the castle. I’m sooooooooooo excited!

The second Toad the player sees will say:

Toad 2 : Hey I heard a celebrity musician is here today. I wonder who it is.

The third Toad the player sees will say:

Toad 3: Have you ever heard of Pop Diva from Club 64? Her music is very poplar in my home of Fungi Town.

The fourth Toad the player sees will say:

Toad 4: Have you ever bean to the Bean Bean Kingdom? If you should ever travel there be sure to come visit us in Fungi Town.

If they see an eccentric looking blue Toad the player should talk to him. If Mario speaks to him:

Eccentric-looking Blue Toad : Oh, hi. I found this. It dose me no good. Maybe it’ll help you. Go on take it.

Player receives a Green Mushroom that revives 1 fallen bro. with half of their HP. When the Mario talks to him again he says:

Eccentric-looking Blue Toad : I have nothing else to offer.

If Luigi talks to him he’ll say:

Eccentric-looking Blue Toad : Ah, Green Mario I found something for your bro.

If you talk to him again he says:

Eccentric-looking Blue Toad : Sorry this is a gift for your bro. only.

If player talks to him with Luigi after the mushroom has been received the toad will say:

Eccentric-looking Blue Toad : Yes, what do you want?

Luigi will hold out his hand as to expect a second mushroom, but will receive nothing. Luigi has a disappointed look on his face. He dose his aw shucks taunt from melee. Player goes to front door of castle to talk to 2 Toad guards.

Guard 1: Ah, Mario you made it. Glad to see you!

Guard 2: Uh…um… Green Guy you made it. Good for you!

When they enter the inside of the castle the layout is similar to that of Paper Mario. The top screen and the bottom screen make up the whole room. Player can now interact with dozens of more characters or just go straight to the next set of Toad guards. * Note to self add character interactions later and erase this for final copy of story. Player now talks to the 2 toad guards. Whether player talks to one on the right or the left here’s what will happen:

Toad guard: Hold it right there!

Mario: (surprised) ooh! (jumps backwards.)
Luigi: wah! (falls over.)

Other Toad Guard: We don’t want to alarm you, but we’ve been instructed to not let anyone in who’s not on the Princess’ guest list.

Mario: speaks.

Other Toad Guard: Yes, you do look like the Mario Bros., but how can we be certain?

Luigi: speaks.

Other Toad Guard: You could be a Duplighost in disguise

Mario: (shakes his head and responds) uh uh.

Other Toad Guard: Well… we still need proof that you are who you say you are. We’re under strict orders.

Mario: (faces player thinking. A question mark is above his head.)“hmm“? (Than a exclamation point appears. He dose his advance pose from superstar saga series because he’s feeling pretty confident. Mario speaks to the guard.)

Luigi: “ Oh No!”

Mario: (facing Luigi now.) Luigi

Luigi: groans

Mario: Luigi

Luigi: groans

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi shakes his head. Mario falls over.

Toad Guard: I assume you don’t have your invitations? (Bros. Shake their heads) Well… You do have honest faces. If only there were another way for you to prove yourselves.

Both Bros. Turn toward the player and start thinking. Than they both do the advance pose from the superstar saga series at the same time. They turn to the guard. Player is to push A button, than the B button as indicated. Each Bro. Jumps.

Toad Guard: Of course! Those jumps! None of Bowser’s cronies could pull of such a remarkable feat.

Both Toad Guards: Welcome Super Mario Bros. !

Other Toad Guard: Oh but you’ll still need proof for the rest of the Toad Guards. Head into the next room and speak with the photographer. He may be able to make you some IDs to get past the rest of the Princess’ Security. Good luck.

If the player talks to him again:

Other Toad Guard: The next room is to your right. Talk to the photographer inside.

* Note to self develope all this part later after story is written. Come up with some sort of new wacky type maybe French character who is the photographer. Make up weird but funny dialogue and make Mario bros. Reaction to him humorous. Don’t drag it out but make it entertaining every second player is in the situation. Anyway back on track. If the player should talk to him again he says

Photographer: Enjoy yourselves.

Player now leaves room and goes back out and makes there way up the stairs. The photographer told them to. Anyway now the player sees 2 toad guards. The player can talk to either one.

Toad Guard: None shall pass! (Mario Bros. Show their new IDs.) Well… everything seems to be in order. You shall pass!
If the player talks to him again. He quickly blocks your path and says:

Toad Guard: I move for no one… Except the Super Mario Bros. of course!

Now player goes up the stairs until they reach Toadsworth and Princess Peach.

Peach: (Excitedly) Mario!

Toadsworth: Master Mario. Master… er… Green! I’m glad you have arrived. We can now all put our worries to rest.

Peach: (Sighs) Toadsworth, you always worry too much.

Toadsworth: And with good reason your highness. You can never be too cautious. Besides my nose for trouble has been quite alert today. I feel as though that pesky Koopa could come here at any moment and… Ahh! Merciful Mushrooms!!! What’s that?!

A question mark appears over both bros. Heads.

Luigi: Heh?

The Bros. See a silhouette of Bowser and both yell. Luigi cringes in fear while Mario puts up his dukes ready to fight.

Peach: Everyone. Relax. It’s just a lamp.

The Bros. Look onward to see a fancy looking lamp with candle holders. Mario begins laughing. Toadsworth begins to faint. Luigi realizing Toadsworth is fainting clumsily runs over to his rescue and catches him right before he falls. Luigi sighs a heavy sigh of relief.

Toadsworth: (coming to) That’s the third monticule this week. I simply must stop being so shocked.

Peach: (now giggling with Mario).Come on gang. Let’s get this party started!

Scene fades to black

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  • Chapter 1: Prologue: The Adventure Begins