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What is wrong with nintendo?

By cuttielink404
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Chapter 2: one in da hevens

" where are we, and how far is the ground?" Link asked shaking in fear. " were in the heavens now dont look down or you will pee your pan- i mean tights." kirby laughed. Link rolled his eyes and continued the walk. Just then a flying monster flew down and snatched the 2 and flew away. " DONT HURT THE MONSTER!" Cried the necklace. Link and kirby stared at it like it was crazy. " I need direct contact with it." it ordered. link looked at the monster and back at the necklace. " I'll make the distraction you wave it in its face." Link said. " I WANNA DO THE DISTRACTION!" kirby whinned. Link rolled his eyes and crawled up to the head.
Kirby: * throws a sack of potatoes at head * Hey ugly thing try a tick-tack will ya?
monster: * is SUPER pissed at kirby
Link: waves necklace in face.
Then the necklace shone brightly in the monster's face and the monster blackend out and shrank to a perso- no wait angel with brown hair, weird get-up and blue eyes that are slowly closing. " That is PIT ( kid icarus) captain of palatania's ( not spelled right sad.gif ) royal army and also some kind of hero you 2 must take him with you- and fast cuz he is falling." said the necklace. Link grabbed his claw shot and grabbed it to pit's shirt and pulled him in. " Good work now let's head back and nurse him back to health." said necklace makin a big portal. The 2 nodded and walked into it.

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