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What is wrong with nintendo?

By cuttielink404
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Chapter 1: Wtf is going on???

It was supposed to be a peaceful at hyrule when that trippin gaurd dragged Link to lake hylia when an lcy dragon was swallowin everything in its path. " Can i at least go for ONE day without seeing a monster??" Link winned.
» the fight is on! «
" Alright now you big pink thing prepared to die!" Link shouted at the dragon. Link tried to do a Jump Attack, but it grabbed him by the neck and threw him back. Link grunted at the suprise the dragon gave him. Blood started rushing down his face but its not over! Link found a weak spot on its back. How stupid is this dragon? Link witout warning jumped up on its back. Now without a sword Link grabed his fist and punched it REALLY good! Perfect.... The monster roared in pain falling on the ground defeted! No... he is not dead but unconscious. Link nearly finished him untill it glowed bright pink then it turned into a pink round gumball looking guy. " Hello?" Link asked with his sword ready ( He found it when he ran to him.) Then a dark cloud flew out of him and turned into a gold necklace.
BAA DAA DAA DAAAAAAAAA! * you got a teleporting device! with this you can warp to diferent dimensions* lol...
" No... stop please give that back" Gumball demanded. "What and why do you need this?" Link ordered. " Why would I tell you?" it sneared, "So you can take it? Sell it? Use it for evil? I wouldn't even-"
" łőρ!" The necklace ordered. This is the one who saved you an me from evil of the darkness... Please KIRBY we must trust him" It cried.
" So if im right... are you Link? " Kirby asked. " The one and only" Link smiled. " Pleasure to meet you. Im Kirby. Please forgive me for my rudeness a minute ago."
" None taken. "
" Great so Im here to see you. You must help me save nitendo from its evil people" Kirby begged. " Nitendo? Im sorry but this is hyrule" Link corected him. " Witch is in Nitendo. Listen our whole dimension is Nitendo so you and me are on a long adventure buddy!" Kirby answered. Got it so where to go? Link said grabbing his bag.
" Hmm it says somewhere in the sky..." Kirby answered. " Okay hold on a minute" Link said writing a note. Then he got his trustful fairy Navi and handed it the note. " Take it to Zelda please" Link asked. It nodded then flew of. " Okay" Link said calmly, "Im ready"

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cuttielink404 says:

lol Nintendo not Nitendo
* Nin 10 doh *