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The Legend of Zelda: Listless Legends

By YaoiMaster
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Chapter 1: The Monster Like Me



In an abyss of nothingness and shadows that revered the light, I stood alone. An intense feeling in my chest bursted like a ravaging wildfire all across my quivering being and consumed my cells, devouring me alive- Or am I alive?-; Was it be fear? Disdain? Anxiety? I gazed with that mysterious feeling in the lenses of my eyes at my surroundings- If it really could be called that... My fingers trembled and my heart thumped without command, as my conscious and sense had fled to refuge long before, leaving my body and soul to face the presence of credible truth itself. The emptiness beneath me began to melt into a liquid-like ebony aura, enveloping my bare feet as if I were standing in a shallow pond of thin muck.

Suddenly, a massive beast erupted from the aura like a graceful whale out of a black ocean (Or a venomous serpent from its inconspicuous hole), a dark smoke resonating from its limbless body as it ascended above me. Finally, it rested before me and bared its jagged teeth, giving a deafening roar of loathing and grief; Images of blood and screams invaded my petrified state from the screech.

The beast held no eyes, though, as I stared incoherently at it, I saw the dark eyes of a gruesome, macabre man laden with just as much fear and loss as I. I gazed into its soul… And it gazed into mine.

Without warning, a beam of divine light pierced the realm of nothingness and lit the black abyss into a pink abyss, rising above the monster and I like a white sun. “Rise,” The light spoke into the realm with an imitation human woman’s voice, its voice strong and ringing inside the abyss, startling the monster’s mournful growls. “…the time has come for you to awaken! You are fated to have a hand in a great destiny, and it will soon find you!” My quakes stilled, and I found myself in a comatose state as I gazed into the bright light. “Master…” With that, the black monster laden with ebony aura and scales devoured the light, shrouding the realm in darkness once more. I sunk to my knees and covered my ears. The abyss around me shook and wavered, and as the darkness beneath me gave way, I became what I had took for granted: an insignificant little raindrop from a monochrome sea of clouds. Was this my fate? Was this my reason for being; To die? Was this what all my struggles and tears had led up to? Who am I? Where am I? What is my existence? Do I exist? Do I feel? Do I love? Do I hate? WHO AM I? The words paint my mental canvas in gray, black, and red.

When I peeked through my fear, I found myself face-to-face with-

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” A blonde child wretched with terror, sitting up from his damp, entangled bed. The scene around him was blurry and dark, the walls moving off by themselves. He squeezed his eyes shut and drew his knees to his chest, laying his head on his crossed arms. His body shuddered as he silently whimpered and cried into himself.

"Big Brother?" A fragile, placid voice whispered in the darkness. From beyond the darkness, the figure of a small child was outlined, sitting up from a messy bed. The blonde child peered up at the figure and whiped his tears away, rising from his mattress onto his feet and stepping indefinitely towards the figure. In one swift motion, he hopped into the figure's bed, pulled the covers over them and held the figure to his chest, wrapping his arms around it. "Did you have another nightmare?" It asked. It was clear that the voice belonged to a small girl with long, soft hair that smelled of light.

"Yes," He replied, voice slightly cracked with the hints of crying and naturally rough. His voice was hoarse; however, it was articulate enough to understand, regardless of the mumble. The words seemed enunciated awkwardly, a sign of someone who is near mute and carefully selects words with inexperience.

“You can sleep here tonight, Big Brother… I don’t mind. I don’t see enough of you anyway,” She spoke carefully, precariously, as if afraid to trip on her words. He frowned. It’s not my fault I can’t stay with you… He thought to himself… I wouldn’t have to work all day long if that stupid king weren’t in charge.

“I know,” He whispered.

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  • Chapter 1: The Monster Like Me