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Wind Waker in a Different Way

By TwilightWaker
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

I look around her ship. She really didn't like the fact that I saved her. I am headed to the Forsaken Fortress. My sister was taken by a giant bird. This bird serves an evil master, I don't know who he is yet, but I intend to find out.

I enter a door on the other side of the ship. A strong pirate blocks the door to Tetra's room. He tells me that I can't go in. So turning around I head down the stairs. A kid about my age is standing there and wants to play a game. I win, after many tries and he give me a halloween bag. When am I ever going to use this? I shove it in my never ending pocket and head back up to see what progress we've made.

I hear her scream at me as I walk out. Annoyed at her lack of respect, I do as I'm told. She shows me the Forsaken Fortress and tells me she can't go any further. Because I'm just a kid. I can't swim there either. All of the sudden she gives me a weird look and fear fills me. Before I know it, I am stuck in a barrel and can't get out. I look down and see the catapult. *Gulp* I try to get out but it's useless. She counts down. Just before she says one she looks at me and smiles. I can't even look at her expression. Soaring through the air I feel amazing. Amazing, that is, until I see a concrete wall right in front of me.

I barely keep consciousness as I plummet. My sword gone and monsters everywhere. The water is cold. I swim to the small dock, soaking wet. I pass out.

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  • Chapter 1: The Beginning