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A Hylian L'cie

By MissCookieMonsterz
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Chapter 1: In the begining

In this place, I always felt safe. Even when I first came, even through the Twilight, this place was my safe haven. A haven against all bad things. And thats why I always prefered here to my own house. As I entered Telma's bar, the I felt the tempratures take a drastic change. Outside, it was awfully cold. It always was. But inside here...
"Oh, hey honey! Haven't seen you around here lately, where've you been?" I glanced up to see Telma watching me with curiousity and a slight bit of mischief. Of course, I couldn't help myself but smile.
"Oh i've been are you Telma?" I casually walk in and lean a bit on the countertop. As much as I appreciated our relationship, I just didn't have the heart to tell her what I have been really doing these past 3 weeks.
"Well that's good to hear..Oh I have been fine! But the cloaked lady has asked for you, so I best not keep you two waitin'." She gave me a light wink and pushed me towards the back of the bar. I just went along with it and sat down by a table with only one other occupant.
"..Hey Princess." She immediately raised her head and smiled at me.
"Hello Link" She took off the hood of her cloak. This was also another reason why I enjoyed coming to the bar. Because everytime I did, it was to meet and hang out with Zelda. Her smile turned into a bit more of an goofy grin. I noticed she seemed to have light circles under her eyes. must be hard for Zelda, being only age 21, to have to rule a whole kingdom by herself..
"Link you know I have told you to call me Zelda!" She bopped me on the head and I pretended to have a hurt look on my face. Then we just stared at eachother. She was giving me a solid stone look and I wasn't backing down either. Another minute has passed but the victor is still unclear. We continued to have our staring contest. Until she broke out laughing.
"Oh goddesses.." She said as she wiped her eyes a bit. I just grinned at her. Something was a bit off though. Not in a bad way but..just different.
"...Is that a new cloak Zelda?" The cloak seemed to just shimmer a little bit under the light, revealing it's deep violet color.
"No. This one is mine. But regarding my father's cloak..."
~ ~ ~
Ordona Province; Link's treetop
Her father's old cloak..I thought to myself as I was held a pin and needle in my hand. So I guess what happened was that Zelda wanted me to fix the rip the cloak had aquired. How though??
"How am I suppose to fix this..When the tear just about cuts the cloak off 6 inches?!" Too bad I wasn't able to ponder this further because a loud bang could be heard from my basement.
I hastily grabbed my lanturn and lit it aflame. I slowly began to walk down the ladder, feeling the blood pulsing in my fingertips. By the time I reached the end of the latter all I could hear was my own heartbeat. That's when I noticed it.
Apparently a small box had fallen off the shelf, and now it lay scattered on the floor. I gently began picking up random little trinkets, such as small cat plushies or even the occasional green rupee. Until I came across a small note. I pocketed it. Then I went to putting everything else back on it's respective place on the shelves. Once I finished, I went upstairs back to the cloak.
Now I sat on my bed, examining my work done the cloak.
"..I still wish I could have fixed it all the way.." Although I fixed the ends so that it wouldn't rip again but..It would do for now. Then I remembered that I still had the note in my pocket. I folded the cloak then sat down my bed. I pulled it out and read it. My eyes widen in suprise.
"If you have gotten this note, My dearest son Link, then you must know, I have traveled across the desert in search of a distant land called Pulse. I have left you in the care of my most trusted aqaintence, Rusl. I know you are going to make both him and I proud."

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  • Chapter 1: In the begining